AER: Klingon Ball, Jan 2013


AER: Klingon Ball, Jan 2013

Klingon Ball!!! This was one great evening. The Klingon Assault Group ship IKV Melota held its latest Klingon Ball. Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel. We were at the same location and time as usual. What was different was the extent of the decorations and the way the night played out.

This time, the theme was an ice and royalty. The decorations were intended to present an ice cave concept. The entrance really put the point across. The interior decorations were whites and blues even along the walls and ceiling to provide the feeling of being inside that ice cave.
It should be noted that this is the first time that I have devoted any full paragraph to the room decorations. That was how impressive it was.

Normally, historically, the Ball starts at 1800 with a few guests and the rest arrive a bit later. It starts winding down about 2200 and when we need to start cleaning up at 2300 the Ball has pretty much worn itself out.
This time, the later it got, the more exciting it got. It really started winding up after 2230. Which is great! Except, we were blowing and going when it was time to start tearing down. We did not get cleaned up and out on time so I hope that the City will not ding us for it. We had lots of non-Melota volunteers to assist with the take down for which we are all grateful. That helped correct the late shutdown.
But, dog-gonnit! The Ball was really wound up tight, and going FUN when the teardown time came so it was real difficult to switch gears. You can just imagine that Ferengi saying, "Every one's a winner!".

The Auction and Raffle raised funds for the Safe Haven of Tarrant County. There were a lot of items and as usual, really good stuff.
Then, there were the door prizes. That Ferengi saying comes to mind here.

There were contests and games to play.

The silent games included identifying the caracters in various photos as well as a secret game that less than half would know was even being played.
               "pinned to your shirt sleeve or skirt"
I wonder if anybody remembered that according to the rules, a kilt is a "manly skirt" so my clothespin went south and was not taken.

The survivors of the secret game were required to sing a song at the end of the evening to declare their participation and to pay homage to the winner.

When was the last time that you attended a real, honest to goodness, cakewalk?
The winner chose to give the cake to another player. He just had fun playing.

Food contests. Costume contests. Grethor! Just plain good FOOD!

Multiple guest ships and organizations were represented and announced at the Bloodwine Ceremonies.

Eric (Safe Haven) gave a wonderful presentation. He normally does. However, this time, he really outdid himself with a presentation that stirred real emotions.

We raised $500 for the Safe Haven of Tarrant County.
We raised 602 pounds* for the Safe Haven of Tarrant County.
We had fun doing it, too.

Strength and Honor,
Commander Salek, Sutai
Ship's Sore Feets, IKV Melota

*We had asked the Safe Haven to supply their van to Eric and Greg for the night. Regrettably, it was booked. We showed them the trailer as it was being loaded so that they could "alert" that the big truck was going to be necessary at the time of the handover.

Think, "You're gonna need a bigger boat."

Personal Observation: Liz of Fleet 31 came out to their cars with a Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle Star Trek Figure. The pee-pee dance that Cameron did upon receiving it from her was quite dramatic. Even Snoopy does not dance like that. Apparently, he went home a Winner.


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