AER Banner Wars, 2008


AER Banner Wars, 2008

Surprise me! I was booked this weekend with the North Texas Russian Conversation Club and had a presentation (in russian/po russkaya) to give about my kilt and weapons that I normally wear to the meeting. My lovely daughter(s) was already at Tanglewood forest as I had already "OK'd" my daughter's first unchaperoned overnight camping. It was more of a threat to myself that got me out there. My parmachi practically punted me out the door as I have been cooped up with recovering from a foot surgery and then trying to play catch up on projects.

I arrived to be greeted by my daughters at the gate. My real daughter Avalona (Erin) and my de facto daughter Amourous Dragen (KC) helped me find the proper camp site and get set up. Upon arriving, I made it quite clear that I was present to have a bit of fun and vacation for myself and that I was not there as a chaperone.

Osmodius of the Wolf Pack had the most advanced / planned / organized / prepared camp of all of the camp sites which I toured, and I toured them all. This camp had a good firepit, covered commons, and and organized arrangement for cooking. I was honored to be allowed in his camp. This camp was the most similar to the Commons Camp of the IKV Melota as built on K'bubbles' property. It felt the most "home".

I, and those of the Tex/Ark/LA turf of the Klingon Assault Group, may not appreciate or even respect boffer type weapons and lighter. However, I must state that this property as a property, was the most advanced property to which I have been. There was a stage that dwarfed any I have seen. That stage was easily a small parking lot. There was a combat field for daylight. There was a fully lit and I do mean *FULLY* lit combat field for night time combat. They were running fights well past 0300 Sunday morning.

I truly recommend attending the Banner Wars of Amtgard even if you don't agree with their weapons and combat rules. The comradery, camping, and good fellowship was worth it. Osmodius ran a well run camp. No bullshit. Safety first. Have fun. This was a good place to be as an old fart. This was a good place to turn your First Born loose without concern.

The big activity of the camp was the singing and story telling around the fire pit. To those who have not been a part of this (most klingons) it may not sound like much, but this really was a wonderful, organized, audience participation event of the sort that all ages could enjoy.

I salute the local Amtgard organizations for their organization, planning and execution for a weekend well done.

Strength and Honor,
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota

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