CATS 2003


Oct 25 - Nov 1, 2003.

We again served as Security for the CATS Creative Arts Theatre School Haunted House. Our primary mission was to entertain the guests waiting in line as well as to make sure that the guests were safe. With lots of children and cars running around the parking lot, there was a substantial risk of injury. At least the highest risk lane was blocked from cars this year and made pedestrian only.
Our other functions are to protect the guest's cars from vandalism or breakin, and to entertain the guests while waiting in line.
We again had fun talking to the mundanes waiting in line for their turn in the haunted house. We still had to direct traffic in the parking lot to reduce the risk of damage or injury.
We had a ton-o-fun! We got to interact with the guests, the actors, and the folks running the show. It was wonderful to have that kind of contact with so many people. Many "business" cards were handed out in hopes of gaining recruits. Many mundanes were scared. Many good laughs were had. This was simply a good time.
Better yet, it was "face time" in front of the mundanes and a chance to further our reputation as a ship that can deliver assistance. On the last night CATS was asking if we could come back to do security and crossing guard type duty for the winter children's shows. While discussing this we were told that we are welcome, we are needed, and we could wear our uniforms even though they would not be appropriate for the shows.
On that Last Show, Dr. Gizmo surrendered his heavy weapon to me and went through the Haunted House with the goal of scaring the hell out of the actors. I understand that they did a marvelous job of causing the actors to break character. I await their AER's on this with baited breath. I missed out on this for a good reason. But I know that I missed a funny series of events.
Likewise, I missed out on the celebratory Dinner due to familial obligations. But it had to have been fun at the restaurant with the actors in scary makeup, and two fully armored klingons present. Again, I hope to read about this in their AER's.

It was during the Security briefing for this event with the CATS Head of Security that we were able to compare notes from their observations, our observations, and police observations. We concluded that we had quite a few gangbangers come through in 2002 and were anticipating the same for 2003. We apparently forestalled a gang fight in 2002 by our presence. We are certainly ready for any trouble this year.
We are there to have fun, but last year proved to be a practical application of my Essay on Live Steel.

Strength and Honor

Cdr. Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer
An Approved Brewmaster of the Empire


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