AER: CoastCon 2010

AER: CoastCon 33 (2010)

As a member of the KAG ship IKV Melota, I conspired with Ripar of the KAG ship IKV Bayou Serpent to make this long haul drive to attend CoastCon 33.

So, I drove a measly 5 hours* to get to Ripar's doma so that we could drive another 5.5 hours to the convention.
*Five hours normal drive. 7 with a strange engine problem.

This was a well run convention. I think that it is recommendable. The were many panels and a metric buttload of gaming tables set up for RPGs. There was a room dedicated to art. A different room was dedicated to larrp combat. There were two panel rooms which were busy for most of the days as well as a stage with its events.

I went because I have dang near every book that David Drake has written.

Mr. Drake is one of the few authors who have seen the elephant and knows about what he is writing. In his forwards and afterwards, he has proven to be a sensible, down to earth guy. (and, phenomenally well educated) Getting to meet him in person was a real plus as we were privileged to see this down to earth fellow talking about his experiences in the field of writing and relating some of his stories to his years in the Southeast Asian Wargames of the 70s.
His writing methods include taking his laptop outside and banging away. It was natural to see him sitting in the floor working on the draft of his current new novel. This allowed for what another convention attendee referred to as a "kum by ya" session in the floor where we ultimately had some 6 of us sitting in a circle on the floor.
The convention organizers, not being used to Mr. Drake came and offered to get him a table. Of course, Mr. Drake was quite happy sitting in the floor with his laptop and politely turned them down.

My brother at the Bayou Serpent went because of his interest in the crew of BSG75.

Ripar eventually got his pictures with "Cally" of "Battlestar Galactica". This is his third convention attempt to get a picture in his cylon outfit with a BSG guest that did not quite work out. He at least did get to add to his signature wall.
Between his talking to "Cally" and my managing to attend many panels as well as sit in the floor talking casually with Mr Drake, we both have to consider this weekend a score.

We had the opportunity to also entertain mundanes and children (with families) attending the monster truck event at the same venue. Walking from the hotel to the con allowed for many adults and children to show their interest (or ignorance) of science fiction as we walked among the mundanes attending a high horsepower event.

Commander Ripar introduced me to "Christine" who was dressed as Juno Eclipse from a Star Wars video game, a super sized cylon, as well as many other regular convention attendees from the 501st and other clubs. It is amazing who Ripar knows.
One of the few people who he did not know was a lady hitting on him during the convention using conventional klingon challenges. However, when she compared her beard stubble to his chin, that seem to be the end of the game for Ripar.

Ripar and I share a common bond with the panelists called the "Inebriated Labs". They were learning how to brew. Though we did not get to sample, we got to discuss. Perhaps they will look to the klingon brewers of the Cold Revenge Quadrant for advice.

Not intending to advertise, I will state that the new, updated look of the hotel (Motel6) was actually very nice and practical. I do admit that the technology in the room and the bathroom were very much updated and not your usual.

Strength and Honor

Cdr. Salek Sutai
Ship's Senior Brewer
An Approved Brewmaster of the Empire

March 5-7,2010 marked the ship's first appearance at Coastcon in Biloxi,MS. I was accompanied by Cmdr Salek of the IKV Melota. Salek drove in Thursday night,just barely making it in after making several stops for repairs on his shuttle. He stayed the night at my place with Kiral hosting while I worked my mundane job. Friday morning we left out around 10am for the 5 hour drive (Salek had already done 7 hours). We arrived,checked in,and headed to the con which was about 2 blocks away with Salek in a "class B" uniform and myself in civilian clothing. We paid our fees,got our badges,and planned our attack strategy for the next day before heading back to get dressed,Salek in "old gold" and myself in Cylon armor. Since I had been awake for 25 hours,I decided it was time to rest. During the night,I was repeatedly woken by the sound of the waste disposal unit. I admit it was an odd one. Flushing was more like opening an airlock than a traditional terran toilet. A blast of air and everything was gone. WHOOSH! I'd wake up. Just as I'd doze back off another WHOOSH! This happened no less than 8 times. I lost track. I covered my head and finally when to sleep thinking Salek's last meal was disagreeable. The next morning I found that he was so fascinated by the toilet that he had disassembled it in the middle of the night to see how it worked!

I managed to get enough sleep anyway and with Salek in "old gold" I got into my Cylon armor since the guest was Nicki Clyne of Battlestar Galactica. Salek was there to see the author David Drake. I know next to nothing of him so that will have to wait for his AER. Nicki's plane was delayed by several hours and I had had enough of the Cylon armor so I changed into my Klingon armor for the remainder of the day. We met many of my old friends,made new ones,and generally had a great time before having to leave out early Sunday morning.

Cmdr Ri'Par sutai-bortaS
IKV Bayou Serpent CO


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