AER: Comic Con January, 2010


The KAG ship IKV Melota attended and served the January 2010 Comic Con in Richardson, Texas.

Many members served as security. Others served a recruiting function. All served KAG and the IKV Melota.

As one person I am at a loss to know the full extent of our participation this soon after Day One. I am aware that we fielded most of our members this day for the glory of the Klingon Assault Group.

I traveled using the regional train system in hopes of making contact with a mundane that might become a member. I met couple of people on the train system. One is a positive contact that at the end of the convention was hanging with our Warriors. I did scare the Grethor out of a local mundane on the train. All I did was sit, but the forehead freaked him out and he called his posse to take a look.

This convention was well attended. I'm glad that I used the trains to arrive. Parking by noon was full. The building was full. Given the lack of elbow space, I suspect that this convention was a great success.

I really missed the G.I. Joe group that I last saw here. I was looking forward to buying a bayonet for the M-1 Garand that I bought last year for my G.I.Joe. I lost the one that came with him in 1968. I did manage to score a Johnny Lightning 1955 Lincoln Futura for my collection.

This was a great little packed, serious, convention.

Strength and Honor

Cdr. Salek Sutai
Ship's Senior Brewer
An Approved Brewmaster of the Empire

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