Personal Log: Deliverance Cleanup, 2011

Personal Log: Deliverance Cleanup, 2011

Chicken Plucker of the IKV Deliverance had announced that after a long hiatus, he wanted to do another Deliverance Wars. This was negotiated in conjunction with the IKV Bayou Serpent and all is well. Given that the field has not been used in years, it was going to need a lot of work. Thus, CF declared a "work weekend" to clean up the field.
Very luckily for me, "the Company" has finally hired me away from the call center and into an actual computer technical support position. In this new position, I can actually request and get days off now and then.
Squeeze, Caraneth and I drove up from Texas. Captain Ripar drove up from Louisiana. Others drove in from further west Arkansas and other parts of Texas. So multiple members of multiple ships showed up to assist our Brother in Paint in getting the field ready.
Most of us arrived Friday night and we had a pretty grand time getting back together for the first time in years. We did crash at midnight so that we could get ourselves moving in the morning.
The original object was to clean up the field. Triage the structures and remove anything that was worthless or unsafe. We were sorting salvageable wood from dead wood. We were rebuilding bunkers from wood salvaged from "dead" bunkers. Trees were cut down and cut apart. Limbs were harvested. This would have easily been an all day affair. However...
Fred allowed us the use of his Bobcat and generator which made a humongus difference. The Bobcat made quick work of moving the dead wood. Caleb drove the Bobcat and the highlight of his day was knocking down the main machine gun tower. The generator, once it arrived, allowed for the use of non-battery power tools. It arrived in time as the batteries were all about gone. Hand tools of course worked, but we were getting tired of that stuff.
Ripar and I donated to the Cause and CF was able to buy a LOT of scrap wood from his neighbors. Granted we bought it rather late in the day, but we still managed to manufacture 4 treated wood bunkers of various designs. There is still a huge pile of treated wood with which CF can build over time.
About 1800, we declared "Day" and gathered tools and headed to base. CF's mom and Alisha had chili and french fries going for the group. FOOOOD!!! We ate and kicked back to make up for lost time. We built a nice bonfire (found out the next morning that there was a burn ban) and gathered for hanging out together. In the morning, it was time to get gathered, gone and headed back to the Daily Grind.
I commented to CF and Ripar that I shot no paint, I busted no caps, I swung no batleth, but I still had a great time that weekend.

You will note the presence of weaponry in the photos. There was a reason. They got used. Oddly enough, we only found one copperhead. Squeeze skinned it and is treating the skin so that she can use it later.

Strength and Honor,
Commander Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota


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