AER: Fleet 31's First Anniversary Dinner, Jan 2014

AER: Fleet 31's First Anniversary Dinner, Jan 2014

Members of the KAG ship, IKV Melota, were invited to attend Fleet 31's First Anniversary Dinner. Fleet 31 is a now not so local (growing fast) independent Star Trek fan club. They are based on Starfleet from the canon though their uniforms are unique to their Fleet.

Squeeze and I arrived and shared a wonderful evening with these fellow fans. Being an Anniversary Dinner, promotions and assignments were handed out. The cool thing was the potentials that were encountered. Two potential recruits (for them) arrived to participate. On our way out, we (klingons) were asked for a photo-op by some of the other restaurant patrons. We shuffled them back to the Fleet personnel in hopes that the family might become even more recruits.

The Golden Corral had a good sense of humor and played along with us for which we thank them.

Strength and Honor,
Captain Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota


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