AER: Fleet 31's Semi-Annual Dinner, Jul 2014

AER: Fleet 31's Semi-Annual Dinner, Jul 2014

Members of the KAG ship, IKV Melota, were invited to attend Fleet 31's Summer Semi-Annual Dinner. Dinner was at BJ's in Addison.

Squeeze and I arrived and shared a wonderful evening with these fellow fans. Great food. Really good fun at the restaurant.

Afterwards, it was about 30 minutes of photo-ops with the mundanes coming and going.

And, then it got serious...

We went to Main Event and played four rounds of Lasertag. We had thirteen so we were a single team each of the four rounds. Round three, the OPFOR had to borrow two of our guys. We were "outnumbered" on our last Round.

Round1, we were getting to know how to work with each other. We beat the OPFOR by a 25% margin on top of their score.

Round2, we were a cohesive team working together. We beat the OPFOR by better than 2:1.

Round3, we killed the next OPFOR by 2.5:1. We were joking about doing the next round at a 3:1 score ratio.

Round4, some of our team had to go home. We went in to this round with only 7. We outnumbered the OPFOR 7 to 10. I asked the Game Master to not even us out. We wanted to go in as is with the smaller team. The GM said that he intended leave us as was. He wanted to see how we would do.
At about half time, we had 153,000 to their 20,000 (7.65:1). The GM took some of their younger players out of the field and hustled them to our base for some "pity points".
The "spoon" attacks were so well coordinated that we owned their base a lot of the time. As a defender, we were getting bored as nobody was getting through our lines to attack our base. The Admiral ordered us to not guard our base anymore as the score was so lopsided. Grethor, why bother to defend it when the GM was bringing OPFOR players to the lobby door to shoot it up for points? We finished with 247,730 against 91870. Most of their score was intervention by the Game Master.
Oh, I was at half time before my vest was replaced. What little scoring that I had done was not being recorded and I had to have a replacement vest. So, our points score is short whatever my bad vest lost.
One of our team scored more than their whole team.
The GM was talking to us afterwards about the total route. We were laughing with the GM about his "interference" hustling players through the lobby to score at our base. We had a great time. Roughly 2.7:1. Without the GM getting involved, it would have been really bad.

I paid for it the next day. After four foot surgeries, playing that night took me out for Sunday. I had to lounge all day and stay off the feet.

What a night!

Strength and Honor,
Captain Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota


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