AER: Fan Days Convention, 2010

photo by Danny Fulgencio

photo by Danny Fulgencio

AER: Fan Days Convention, 2010

The KAG ship IKV Melota attended the 2010 (Fall) Fan Days convention in Plano, Texas.

This was very much a planned event as we purchased a table with electricity in order to have a full blown recruiting table to ourselves. The single table was covered with klingon items and had two laptops showing videos of our exploits and adventures. There were awards, weapons, flyers and business cards. Padded practice batleths and real batleths were on display. The table was manned at all times so that we could talk to potential recruits.

We were lucky enough to meet various actors, potential recruits and fan attendees. Commander Ripar was present and even naHQun made a visit so we had some really long distance visitors.

Later on Saturday, there was a bit of impromptu sparring to show the use of the batleth. Earlier in the day, a template (batleth) was delivered to a person that we met at the Plano International Festival. Her intent is to cut a batleth for a Plano art group. She also intends to become involved with the ship as best that she can given the distance for her.

Time for the tales of the Waiting Line...

Commander Ripar was in line before the Convention opened. Once processed and stamped into the convention, he got in line to see Christopher Loyd. Given that the convention opened at 1000 and he was still in line to see "Kruge" at 1530, and given that the convention would close at 1800, Ripar literally spent more than half the convention's open hours in line to see Christopher Loyd. For Ripar, this was not Fan Con, but Line Con.

By the way, Christopher Loyd was caring enough about the line to come out about 1400 to offer words of encouragement to those still standing in line waiting for his signature. Kudos to Kruge!

Time for the tales of "one of the vendors"...

One of the vendors selling dice was amused by the dice bag that my parmachi uses. A male goat sacrificed a pouch near and dear to its heart to make her dice bag. The vendor is now interested in getting some for sale.

One of the vendors happened to be a known quantity for Commander Ripar. They had a really good time during the convention talking and planning.

One of the the vendors was late. To make things worse for him, his hired help did not show up. Kmok and T'Kai volunteered to assist him with hauling in his containers. On the way out, Kmok and T'Kai had to leave. This vendor came back to the IKV Melota knowing that we are willing to assist. Dr. Gizmo and I assisted with hauling back out to the truck. We also offered to box to speed the process. We wound up making a new friend. We hope that making friends will benefit the IKV Melota in the future.

I would now like to give a killer example of intership relations. As of this writing, Commander Ripar of the IKV Bayou Serpent has now been on DFW public media for the FIFTH time. For living in West Monroe (Louisiana) and very far from here, Commander Ripar has made (not in order) three video appearances on the Dallas Morning News (newspaper) website and on one day, an appearance on both radio and television. Today, he is on the Dallas Observer website. He is a prime example of Force Projection and getting around to play with others. There is the videographic (and one audiographic) evidence to back his exploits. Kai Commander Ripar!

This latest video was posted Sunday which included Commander Ripar, Dr. Gizmo and his parmachi. Today, they are on the Dallas Observer website for another 15 minutes of fame in the DFW area.

Strength and Honor

Cdr. Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota

Due to my standing in line almost the entire con,my AER will not reflect much more information that Commander Salek's.

October 23,2010 I attended Star Trek Fan Days at the Plano convention center in Plano,TX. Celebrities included William Shatner,Christopher Lloyd,Jonathan Frakes,Brent Spiner,Michael Dorn,Peter Mayhew,Herb Jefferson Jr,Tia Carrere,Bobby Clark(Gorn),Lawrence Montaigne(Stonn),Tracy Scoggins,Tom Kane(voice actor),Larry Nemecek (TNG Companion author),and Daryl Frazetti (anthropology panelist and "Trekkies" star). The IKV Melota had a really nice recruiting table set up and a few of them were working the con. Even though my mundane friend Jason and myself arrived 30 minutes after the door opened,we still had to wait almost an hour to get inside. Luckily the rain held off for that long since there was a tornado watch in the area. After we got inside we proceeded to the autograph room line. After waiting for 20 minutes or so someone came along and said they weren't lining up general admission yet so we got out of line and toured the vendor room. The Gorn, Bobby Clark was the first thing we saw and we talked with him for a while. He's a really nice guy. I bought an autographed photo and he gave me a photo op and signed my gorn bobblehead for free. We once again got in the line for the autograph room and after a time,a con worker came by and said the line was for Christopher Lloyd only and that we could enter for any other autographs. I went inside and got one from Frakes,Spiner,and Montaigne. I chatted very briefly with Frakes,was rushed off by Spiner,chatted for a bit with Montaigne and Tom Kane who does the voice of Yoda on the Clone Wars series. We took a break to eat and got back into Christopher Lloyd's line which didn't seem to move at all. many of the general admission holders gave up and left,putting us at the front of the GA line. VIP holders and priority holders kept bumping us back and "Kruge" even came out to wave at everyone,letting them know he'd get to them. After almost 3 hours we got in. I had planned to have lunch with Larry Nemecek and Daryl Frazetti of "Trekkies" but my time in line caused me to miss that to my great disappointment. I had also planned to hang out with my Melota friends but they were packing up the table by then. Give me the smaller cons anyday over this one. I got the autographs I came for but had no time for anything else.

Commander Ripar, Ship's Brewer
IKV Bayou Serpent

Somewhere around Atlanta on Saturday, I noticed that one of my friends posted some pics of Klingons at a Con he was attending.

Then I realized that I recognized them as the crew of the Melota.

Despite this, I still didn't know *where* this Con was.

Then that evening, someone informed me that Fan Days was happening in Plano, TX.

So I showed up on Sunday and was shocked to realize that I had been following updates from Fan Days on-line w/o realizing it.

It was a very successful Con.
Saw the Melota crew again.
Talked to Michael Dorn.
Picked up an "All Good Things?" Worf for $1
And purchased some Klingon art.

Oh, and insulted some Feddies I met at Comic Con }};-)

naHQun (me): in uniform
Ryan (my brother): in Feddie pajamas

Commander of the IKS lIywI'
Indianapolis, IN


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