AER: Fleet 31 Dinner, Jun 2013

AER: Fleet 31 Dinner, Jun 2013

Members of the KAG ship, IKV Melota, were invited to attend Fleet 31's dinner and awards. Fleet 31 is a now not so local (growing fast) independent Star Trek fan club. They are based on Starfleet from the canon and are thus mainly terrans. This was an awards and promotions dinner.

Squeeze and I arrived and shared a wonderful evening with 31 other Star Trek fans. Promotions and assignments were handed out. Full sized phaser rifles were distributed as they are manufacturing these awesome models. The discussions were just as eclectic as you would expect, Star Trek, various comics to movies, Dr. Horrible (was sung) and hard science.

We look forward to the next big dinner.

Strength and Honor,
Captain Salek, Zantai
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota


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