AER Good Day to Dine, Aug 2008


AER: Good Day to Dine, August 2008

After some confusion with autoreminders and bad copy/pastes, we managed to get together at Ton's Mongolian Grill on Green Oaks.

The food was great and we were totally stuffed. We had a great time eating with fingers, chopsticks, and forks (Feddies). The wait tolerated the finger food situation with aplumb.

Due to circumstances, it was natural to compare Ton's with Genghis Grill. They each have their strengths and it would be a tough call to declare a favorite.

Ah, there was a new potential mascot, the wooden Kermitoid from a Qonos swamp.

This was just another simple get-together of the DFW klindom with some others thrown in for good measure. We had a very good time.

Next stop, Colters BBQ at Lincoln Square, at the regular 1800 Sunday time. The idea is to raid Half-Priced Books after dinner.

Strength and Honor,
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota

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