AER Good Day to Dine, Dec 2007


AER Good Day to Dine, Dec 2007

Given that December of 2007 has 5 Sundays, the Lone Star Warrior's Association had a Good Day to Dine to celebrate. The klingons of the DFW area descended upon the Studio Movie Grill in the new Highlands area of Arlington to watch "National Treasure II".

The movie itself was a very good movie. If you read the books of Harry Turtledove or David Drake, then you can appreciate this movie even more. Half the fun was knowing the line between true history and fake (for the movie) history. There were some wonderful "historical" items in the movie that any pocket historian knows were blatantly false, but make for a good movie.

Afterwards, the Warriors gathered for a photo-op at the crew of the SMG wanted to get pictures of us as their patrons, as well as pictures with us to show their families.

After yaking it up in the parking lot, meeting potential recruits, and having more pictures taken by the mundanes, we wandered over to an ice cream shop for desert. Then we walked down to the new Borders to land for a while.
More pictures. The weekly gamers group was present and wanted pictures. We shopped for books. More fellowship.

Given the expense of this outing, it was decided to go cheap next round. Likewise, with two Good Days to Dine in Arlington back to back, it was time to get out of Arlington. The uniformed Warriors present voted to hit the food court at Northeast Mall at 1500 on Sunday, March 30th.

This also means that those of us participating in the Venom Wars must break camp early and hussle to get back in time for the Good Day to Dine.

The weather was Good.
The movie was Good.
The Fellowship was Good.

It was a Good Day to Dine. .

Strength and Honor,
Cdr. Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota


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