Personal Log: Good Day to Dine, Jan 2011


Personal Log: Good Day to Dine, Jan 2011

I attended the January (2011) dining of the Lone Star Warrior's Association's Good Day to Dine.

This time, we met at Wilhoites in Grapevine (TX). Getting there was surprisingly easy for me given that that area is under a major highway reconstruction. (114, 121, 360, 26, I35E, I635 all meet there.) Wilhoites is probably a very good place to visit under normal circumstances. However, most of us do not smoke and when selecting the location, we did not know that it was a smoking restaurant. They also had every TV on football coverage at a very loud volume. Conversation was difficult at best.

With the above in mind, we did not manage to select a next venue and will need to converse on the LSWA yahoogroup to decide on a next venue. The next eligible month is May.

They are getting new menus printed and they were a little light on menus. No problem. However, they must also have been a little light on wait staff.

Going home, Qonos1 was the Flying Dutchman destined to never go home. In the dark, in the construction, I could not find the way home. I found myself going to Alliance Airport and had to turn around. Then, I wound up at Bass Pro and I635. I just could not find 360 in the construction. I finally managed to do so and get home.

The next event will be in May. Time/Date to be determined by dicussion on the LSWA group.

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