Personal Log: Good Day to Dine, Jan 2012


Personal Log: Good Day to Dine, Jan 2012

The DFW Lone Star Warrior's Association held its latest installment of their Good Day to Dine at Gerhards German Restaurant in Roanoke. Wow, what a menu. It is a bit of a long drive, and it is on the wrong side of the 114/121 construction, but I'm tempted to return periodically to try everything on the menu.

Having had a little experience with restaurants offering real and imagined cuisine from the germanies, the food was authentic even if the decor was not. The sauerkraut was more eastern german, perhaps Sudetendeutch. The rest of the plates were very much central german I believe. The odd local goody was the table biscuits. They use pretzel dough to make the table biscuits. These are keepers to order to take home.

They have quite a selection of imported beers. I did not notice if they offered any of the American big three "commercials". I hope that they don't. The German and English beers offered were very appropriate to the food.

Next Good Day to Dine:
Coopers BarBQue
the Stockyards, Fort Worth
1500, Saturday, April 28th

We meet to eat at 1500. We are arriving at the Tarantula Turntable at 1400 to play before eating.

Strength and Honor

Cdr. Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer


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