Good Day to Dine, Starship Pegasus, July 2005

AER: Good Day to Dine, Starship Pegasus, July (2005)

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This was a wonderful intership event with the USS Joshua (SFI), USS Trinity River (SFI), a few independents (a few potential recruits and Mr. Motorcycle himself) including some warriors from Amtgard, and the IKV Melota (KAG) fleshing out the Lone Star Warrior'S Association Event for the evening.

Where do I start???? This was a blast of an evening to put it mildly.

The map and images at show an Ambassador class ship grounded as an earth bound attraction. In reality, the Pegasus phase II was *much* built smaller than the NX-01 Enterprise. It would have been hard to cuss a khizinti without getting fur in your teeth. HOWEVER....
Andy, the owner/manager of the Pegasus concept stated that he did have to scale down due to realities of earthbound economics.
So space was a little bit tight and we virtually "owned" the place while we were there. "We" includes the USS Trinity River and the Amtgard crew plus a few independents.

The Starship Pegasus is a $1.2 million dollar concrete dome attached to a concrete box poured to add additional space. This restaurant is a prototype of a future franchise concept. The primary hull was the "guest" area. It has the restaurant section in the middle and around the edges are various specific areas. One area is a conventional game room with "Quarter Games". The other area is a serious, head2head gaming area with networked Xboxes on very large LCD screens. Outside is a mini-golf area and a few odd attractions.

The USS Joshua arrived about 1200 for Good Day to Dine. They arrived, participated in their own way, and left prior to the arrival of the rest of us. This probably is a good thing since space was at a premium upon our arrival. The USS Trinity River and the IKV Melota plus the independent extras started arriving about 1730. We pretty much filled up and "owned" the place for the evening. It was almost funny to see mundanes arrive and look inside, to decide that we were too "weird" for them. We, however, had a great time with the intership and interclub conversations. There were also a couple of potential recruits present with whom we had great conversations.

In front of the Pegasus is a "Lazarus Type" ship made of concrete. We had a bit of a "photo-op" using the Lazarus ship. I'm sure that the mundanes travelling I35E (old US81) had a bit of a shock to see aliens at the grounded ship.
Lots of pizza, fellowship, talking to potential recruits and the owner was enjoyed.

Andy is a great guy. He gave our group the "Cook's 25 cent Tour" of the place. Even the bathrooms are more space oriented than you saw on any ST show. Andy has offered/requested that we consider having a Batleth Tournament in his "back yard". He has the real estate for this until he completes Phase I of his plans. It is possible, though not guaranteed that we might do a Tournament with his "Pegasus" as a host. This shall be discussed in the near future. It would be interesting to hold a klingon Batleth Tournament next to a grounded Federation ship.

The USS Trinity River crew went out and played mini-golf with a few of the klingons. I don't know who beat whom but fun was definitely had by all. There was much eating and gnashing of teeth in the masticating sense of the words. We wound up watching two ST videos while we were there. ST:Insurrection and ST:Generations were playing as DVDs on the TV during the time that we were there.

Food was good.
Employees were great.
Our ships and guests were having a great time.

"Dog gone" what a turn out! This was one of the best turnouts on record if not the best.

This was a very fun event. Luckily, Andy was understanding. We really did fill up the place and render it unavailable for mundane customers.

Next LSWA GDtD will be at some place called "The Magic Time Machine".

Until then...

Strength and Honor, Y'all

Cdr. Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer


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