AER: Good Day to Dine, Walkabout 2014

AER: Good Day to Dine, Walkabout 2014

Except for one year that we totally forgot, we do a "walkabout" each Spring. In this case, it is officially Summer, but this was our Spring Walkabout.

Luckily, the day was overcast nearly the entire time keeping the surface and air temperatures lower and actually quite reasonable.

Due to timing issues, we had 12 at the actual dinner. But, a total shopping participation of 14.

Members of the KAG ship IKV Melota, along many other independent and affiliated Warriors, gathered at the Denton County Square in downtown Denton. We met at noon and shopped various locations and toured the County Court House Museum until 1530.

We started dining a little early because two sets of Warriors had obligations with picking up purchases from the stores and other things.

This is an "old town", county square that is hopping! It was worth the trip to shop.

As to the Gold Mine BBQ...

For some reason, they rely on sugar too much. The "cornbread" was more as if a yellow cake. The onion rings had sugar added. The fried okra had sugar added! We also noticed that their sauces (all three) were thin and runny. Yes, they tasted "ok". But, they would not stay on the meat. The thin sauces would run off.

The "blasting caps" (think fried pickles, but pickled jalapeƱos) were a real hit.

The service was excellent. Great people.

The next Good Day to Dine will be at Ninja Sushi located on the southwest quadrant of I-20 and FM157 (Arlington). 1600 Hours on the fifth Sunday of August, the 31st itself.

Strength and Honor,
Captain Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota


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