AER Good Day to Dine, Mar 2009


AER Good Day to Dine, Mar 2009

Members of the Lone Star Warrior's Association including representatives from the KAG ship IKV Melota participated in the LSWA's Good Day to Dine for March, 2009.

When originally planned, this was to be a uniformed gathering to celebrate the release of the new Star Trek movie. Did not happen. Well, the Star Trek movie did not, anyway.

We met at the Studio Movie Grill in the Highlands of Arlington (TX) to see "Knowing". This was the dinner part as well as entertainment.

The movie was very good. It messes with your mind. I, for one, like that kind of movie. It makes you think for a while after you go home. Food was actually pretty good though pricey.

Afterwards, the real fun began.

We went wandering around the Highlands. Drink a bit here. Eat a bit (more) there. It was fun encountering the mundanes both in the parking lots and in the shops. We hit J&B's Steakhouse, Dave&Busters, a bed store, World Market, Splitsville, and another rather nice restaurant.

Bed store??? The object was to go in and lay about making the mundanes wonder.

Splitsville, we did not actually go in. They have a dress code which we technically made, but did not feel like actually going in due to the rather pricey clothing going in. This looked more like an exclusive club in Dallas than a bowling alley. Valet parking at a bowling alley? Dresses and heels at a bowling alley?

At the other nice restaurant of which I cannot recall the name, we entered a reserved area and crashed a birthday party in progress. It was an unintentional crashing, but they invited us to stay in the area once we chatted a bit.

On many occasions were we asked for a photo-op of which we always grant. We love getting our pictures made with mundanes. It makes their day.

For the next GDtD, we voted to do the food court at the Parks Mall for the profile and face time. The other object is to go to the Star Trek movie as it *allegedly* should be released sometime about then unless they delay the release again.

We had a blast playing with all of the stores, restaurants, and the movie theatre patrons.

It was a Good Day to Dine.

Strength and Honor,
Commander Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota

Good Day to Dine ? Studio Movie Grill, Arlington Highlands

We filtered in at about 4pm. There were many mundanes that were taken by surprise. With the usual questions of ?where is the convention? along with the requests for pictures, we had a great time. The movie was ?knowing?. Not a bad film ? it?s one of those that keep you thinking. The food was good and the drinks fair. Once the movie was over, we proceeded upon a walk-about to the local bars/restaurants. The most unusual one was Splitsville ? dress code and valet parking at a bowling alley? It looked more like a dance club with 4 lanes. We decided to pass that one up and travel to the others. One was too crowded to get in, another directed us to someone else?s birthday party (where we were immediately accepted and they allowed us to take one of their reserved tables), another was standing room only, which led us finally to Dave and Busters. We had a lot of fun walking through the game room and socializing at the bar.

All in all the turnout was good ? we had members from other groups and a visitor tagged along with Lance and Mary. All total we massed at 11 attendees.

It was truly a Good Day to Dine!

Lt. Cmdr Qel?ogh?wI vestai

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