AER: Good Day to Dine, March 2013

AER: Good Day to Dine, March 2013

The Lone Star Warrior's Association had its Fifth Sunday (on Saturday) dinner today. Given that the actual Fifth Sunday is Easter, we moved it to today.

Warriors present represented ships both near (IKV Melota and others) and (comparatively) far. When Warriors drive a couple of hours for a dinner together, that is a long drive. Kai, Tank and Kalamity!

We met at the Fort Worth Stockyards as the equivalent to our annual Spring Walkabout. We wandered the stockyards and landed on about the only place that had open seats.

It was an (unnamed for this report) burger joint under the stockyards roof. It is not exactly getting a glowing report. By the time that we got our appetizers, our food was ready. By the time that we got our food, the place had emptied. By the time that we got our food, we had waited enough to miss out on some shows and other good shopping. 45 minutes for basic burgers is just too long.
I am a hard critic when it comes to restaurants as I worked in two for a total of 8 years while getting my diploma and degree that would eventually get me out of minimum wage jobs. I know when you are screwing up and I know when you are just hard pressed. These folks were screwing up.

We did have a bit of fun both before afterwards cruising the retail under the roof. There were plenty of photo-ops. Most were created by passers by. "Oh, CAN we get our photo with YOU?"

Fort Worth may appear a "cowtown" but it has its international recognition and sophistication. Americans in general are very ethnocentric and expect people to speak "amercun". This time, as a visitor from another planet, I did not encounter anyone speaking German as I did last year (Sie waren aus Ostmark.). However, I was introduced to a person speaking Russian so I had to push my limits as I am extremely limited in conversational Russian. (I do a Grethor a lot better in German.) It was still fun.

We voted to go north to a restaurant in Denton called Yummy's Greek. Our Ship's XO has been regretabbly absent due to distance and work. Hopefully he will make this one being in his back yard. We also are expanding a bit in ethnic quisine and geography.

210 W University Dr
Denton, TX 76201
(940) 383-2441

Strength and Honor,
Commander Salek, Sutai
Ship's Sore Feet


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