AER Good Day to Dine, May 2009


Personal Log, Recording:

The last Terran month had five Sundays, therefore the Lone Star Warrior's Association had a Good Day to Dine.

We met at the Park's Mall food court in Arlington (TX). We ate various foods and then began a walkabout of the mall.

The walkabout was definitely the highlight of the evening this time. All of the mundanes thought that we were present to see "the movie".

The trip through the knife shop was a special treat as klingons and edged weapons are virtually synonymous. They got a kick out of us and we did some serious shopping.

We did not bother with Victoria's Secret. They have no sense of humor as we have learned.

The search for serious chocolate drove our crew all over the mall and even outside to "The Cheesecake Factory". A monster slice of chocolate cake was sacrificed with good intentions.

The number of teens that wanted to have their pictures taken with us, or simply of us was uplifting. I hope to see some of those eventually.

We voted to go to Souper Salad at the same location for the next GDtD. Where my memory is failing me is the date and time. Hopefully, somebody will post this on the LSWA Yahoogroup List, shortly.

Commander Salek, Sutai
the original Ship's Brewer of the last 10 years
An Approved Braumeister of the Empire

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