AER: Good Day to Dine, May 2015

AER: Good Day to Dine, May 2015

This was not good timing. This GDtD landed on an important Con day.

As best that I can determine, I am the only person that actually went on the Walkabout for this Good Day to Dine.

I walked around in my heavy armor through downtown Fort Worth due to the train schedules. I ate at a burger joint in Sundance Square of which the fries were very much awesome.

Not having found any mates to cruise with, I took the next train back to the Karmann and went home.

The uniformed voting membership voted to go to Genghis Grill, Center Street and I-20 (The Highlands) as the next Good Day to Dine.

Sunday the Thirtieth (August), at 1600 as nearly usual. .

Strength and Honor,
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota


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