Good Day to Dine, Oct 2004


After Encounter Report: Good Day to Dine, Oct 2004

We once again had a pretty good turnout to freak out the natives. This time, however, we went rather low class as a bit of a joke. We hit a Der Wienerschnitzel and Krispy Kreme that were side by side. Not exactly as nice as the GDtD is supposed to be, but it was so wrong that we had to hit them.

Both work crews are commended for maintaining a good sense of humor while tolerating our presence. We had enough showing up that Der Wienerschnitzel was filled with klingons and Krispy Kreme was better than half full when we moved over there.

We had crossovers from Amtgard and the SCA present. With three combatant groups represented, we discussed setting up interclub activities. We have been fighting with Amtgard, but this time we are discussing wood based weapons as opposed to the carbon golf club swords that they favor. The flip side is that SCA is heavier than we get. Hopefully we will be having a coordinated three club weekly combat practice with similar weapons if this works out.

A small part of the larger group.

We missed out on doing Trail Dust Steak house for three years in a row because there will not be another 5th Sunday in 2004. As a consolation , Trail Dust Steak House (near WetNWild) will be the January Good Day to Dine venue.

Strength and Honor

Cdr. Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota


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