AER Good Day to Dine, Oktober 2005


AER Good Day to Dine, Oktober 2005

This event was a Lone Star Warrior's Association event attended by members of the KAG vessel IKV Melota and the Starfleet vessel USS Trinity River.

Magic Time Machine was a bit of a suprise. Upon arriving we find that the Hostess on duty is very rude and that the MTM does not want to seat us because we could have stragglers arriving that we are not aware of. Actually, the resolution of the root cause here is to beat the Warrior that sold us on this venue without warning us of the very many very posted rules, and then did not make his own venue.

We were eventually seated in a room that had a nice Texas theme to it. Captain Jack Sparrow was our waiter and the employee did a marvelous job of maintaining the character even when we broke character and were asking questions about MTM itself. Sparrow fit in quite well with the klingons taking our "everything is finger food" attitude well in hand. The rest of the crew assisting him were just as tolerant of the klingon ways. His assistors included Willy Wonka, Wonder Woman, a Gladiator and the Pan. The food was great. The deserts were huge. Never having been there before I was amazed at the various themes for each nook, room, and cranny. The waits were all some sort of character. It was really fun. I do feel sorry for the MGTC that ceased being roadworthy in favor of becoming a salad bar. It was a magical place to visit.

Some of the entertainment itself was the children present in the restaurant. Lord Art (in particular, and Dr. Gizmo, later) had a entourage of children asking for his autograph. All of the kids wanted "the dog's" autograph. Later, they started asking for klingon autos and Dr. Gizmo obliged wonderfully for the continuing line of children coming into our little room with their autograph cards.

We really stuffed ourselves and had a great time. We voted to go to "The Rig" on I35W south of I20 (FtW) for the next GDtD which would be at 1800, Saturday January 28, 2006.

Strength and Honor

Cdr. Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer
An Approved Brewmaster of the Empire


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