AER Gathering of the Scottish Highland Clans, 2006


AER: Gathering of the Scottish Highland Clans, 2006

The IKV Melota had the opportunity to examine some warlike tribes of Earthmen today. These tribes are of a sort such that their men and women dress alike in a manner similar to the klingon race. However, instead of their women wearing armor as ours do thus matching the men, their men wear skirts thus matching the women.

It is recorded in their history that a continental tribe refers to them as "The Ladies from Hell". It is also externally verifiable that when a pre-space flight earth tribe practically made the Mediterranean their private lake conquering many other tribes, they also built a wall (called Hadrian's Wall) to protect their settlements so vicious were the Woads of the north.
There were many weapon displays and weapons to purchase. There were contests of skill and strength to be seen. Many vendors were present offering their wares as well as non-vendors such as the clan tents and the Knights of the Brown Bottle. The Knights of the Brown Bottle is a local organization that competes in brewing contests so as fellow brewer, I appreciate seeing them present. The clan tents are tents with members representing many of the major (and some minor) clans. These non-profit groups are what really make the Gathering a learning experience. The vendors are useful and have much merchandise of both the good and the bad category.

I have to admit that the new vendor with the "burning rocks" certainly gave me some ideas for future Ceremonies and occasions. I shall now attempt to duplicate his technology for the benefit of the IKV Melota and then pass on this tech to others.

9 from the Melota participated. Food was had. Brew was had. Fun was had. Sunburns were not had in spite of the risk.

This was a great day examining tribes that should have been living on Homeworld.

Strength and Honor

Cdr. Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer
An Approved Brewmaster of the Empire


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