AER: Houston Con, Aug 2014

"mean mom" playing with mirakel

AER: Houston Con, Aug 2014

In the form of Squeeze and myself, the IKV Melota was represented at the first "Houston Con". This was effectively Space City Con Four but renamed due to marketing issues.

Again a great convention. Well organized. Unlike the DFW local conventions where the conmaster is running around with a radio in one hand and a "fire extinguisher" in the other, this is a calm affair whereby the owner walks around talking to all of the guests, tables and panelists. Both Saturday and Sunday mornings, we casually talked with the convention owner over breakfast.

This was also the first con where the hotel (Houston Hilton North) staff got involved beyond strictly duties. They were great. They did their jobs and did them well. They also laughed and talked with everybody. They allowed themselves to enjoy the convention and work "within" it. All prior conventions to which we have gone, the hotel staff merely tolerated our presence.

We arrived Thursday and "moved in". Then met Lt. Q'alara (IKVLV) and helped her "move in". She had more stuff since she was responsible for the IKV Longh Veng's table. This is when we really got to know the concierge staff.

The next morning Lt. Q'alara and her XO set up their table to recruit and they manned it during the weekend. Squeeze and I would spell them so that they could get away now and then.

I presented the obligatory bottle of "Bloodwine" to General Martok upon his arrival. Being a smaller con where the guests are not locked behind ropes and doors, we all could talk with him (and the other guest off and on all days long.

We got to see Orion's Envy again. Met Gary Graham (Saval). Tony Todd (Kern) added his signature to my Batleth. Chatted a bit with Kate Vernon (Ellen Tigh).

The "Prelude to Axanar" panel was very entertaining and interesting.

Of panels and tables, the IKV Melota is now established as providing panels each convention. The IKV Longh Veng has its regular fan table and panels.

With this being the fourth con of the series, we are also creating a temporary "community". We recognize each other. We watch over each other's tables as needed. We hang with each other after hours.

I do want to go to KRAP. But, this convention reinforces bonds between the varying fan groups, from various far away places.

uniform, USS Aries, NCC-1650

All Quiet on the Martian Front, #1

All Quiet on the Martian Front, #2

Strength and Honor,
Captain Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota


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