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After Encounter Report: AER: SFI Jail&Bail 2005

Donating to the American Diabetes Association

AER: Starfleet International Jail & Bail, 2005

Starfleet International held their world conference this weekend in San Antonio. SFI people from literally all over the world were present. International is right. I wound up finding a blood relation (clan Johnston, "Like thieves all") who understood me while I was speaking german to somebody else. Then she asks me if I understood russian (in russian) to which I replied (in russian). This was an incredibly well run event that was pretty much run by the local (Texas) Starfleet personnel. I am not privy to know how many other Starfleet ships were involved in running the event, but it looked like Texas spent the most effort running it. Most of the folks that I recognized belong to Region III.

We had the opportunity to work the Alamo Stockade Jail&Bail. The KAG ship IKV Melota (of the CTF Rogue Squadron) delivered 6 long range Warriors to help them out thus proving that we can deliver on a promise to serve the... the, Federation (????). Ok, it wasn't the Empire this time. But if the southeast can work heavily with the Bucketheads, we figure that we can work with our local Starfleet personnel. This allow the Starfleet Marines who would have worked the Stocade to go on about other duties. (Except for those who wound up in the Stocade.)
The combined crews present raised $1082 in 6 hours in the name of Starfleet International for the American Diabetes Association.

The Jail&Bail was the reason that we were there. Dr. Gizmo did a marvelous job of creating a 24th century addition to the Alamo. The force field front door was emplanted in the facade of our Texan Symbol of Defiance. Above the Alamo you could see a D7 destroying the retrofit Constitution class Enterprise (die Captain Jerk) as well as the JupiterII, a Pan American Orion, and the Jetsons out for a weekend trip.
The "handcuffs" were a work of art. Nice wood cuffs with trim and velcro to hold them closed. And they had a magnet operated light system to indicate that the "force field" was on to hold them closed.
We started business on time using our manpower so that SFI personnel did not have to miss out on their own events. We had a blast. A certain Rear Admiral was arrested early on and with her awsome since of humor, she managed to get others to pay to keep her in for 2.5 hours. She alone accounted for over $250 of the $1082 that we raised.
Others seem to be in and out of the revolving door with the old proverb about revenge coming true. Most put in would inquire as to who signed the warrant. That person would then be next in. At some point, I was assigned to go arrest a varmint, called a marmont. It looked like a beaver in a T-shirt to me. It spent its time and was returned to its owners.

The stars present were Gul Dumar, L'Kor (most would know the actor as Admiral Paris) and Commander Korris (Ok, Vaughn did Admiral Forrest, lately). They did a trio version of the music from their Star Trek sextet "The Federation tub Blues Band" and told about how they started doing music together. Richard Herd was looking fine, he just had one persistant kid that kept bothering him all day which would have gotten on anybody's nerves. Luckily, the kid was not our issue. Casey came in with a great smile and personality to match. Vaughn Armstrong was one of the first people in the Jail&Bail. He has a great since of humor and showed it all day and night long. I don't know if the video will survive, but I recorded him on the dance floor with the Wenches of Reisa using my PADD. He was having a great time entertaining (dancing with) the ladies.

Another fascinating item was the video game being presented. The USS Laredo has created a realtime video game that they wish to market. They were filming a documentary to support their efforts to get Parmount/Viacom to grant them a license. The game requires a minimum of two players per side and is a Galaxy class Federation tub versus a V'orcha class cruiser.
The set up was incredible. Two adjoining small conference rooms were populated with set and backdrop equipment. The klingon tactical and helm were stand up consoles. The Federation tub had actual "sit down" consoles. The markings on each side were authentic per LCARS or the klingon equivalent. There was two way camera capacity so that each team could see and talk to their opponents. You will be able to see the sets and the players in action when these two movies
are released. The target date for release is mid August.
Being klingons in full uniform, our Lord Krell and Dr. Gizmo were lucky enough to be filmed playing the game. They also managed to tear up nearly everybody that they fought against in a fair fight. In the last fight entered for filming purposes, both ships had been badly damaged prior to the filming and our side died gloriously attempting to ram the USS Federation tub while blowing up our own warp core. Regrettably, the Feddies had enough shielding to survive the breach. Death before Dishonor. But they walked into the filming with a crippled ship and tore the Federation scow a new one prior to the glorious last ditch effort.
I am hoping to get the URL to update this page with a link to their documentary. Next big Starfleet event, you should drop by and see this incredible game.

There was a large ballroom type dinner as to be expected. Dr. Gizmo and Kbubbles participated in this event and would need to report on that portion of the weekend. Various guests had the opportunity to sit with Vaughn, Casey and Patrick.

Returning to the Force Projection concept, the IKV Melota used this weekend as a Force Projection Event. We exported some of our concepts of club business, ship's Ceremonies, and our style of Batleth competition.
Besides hobnobbing with various Starfleet members of various ranks, after the dinner was over, those of use who cook, brew, or mix got together in an upper floor conference room to socialize and compare notes on the culinary and brewing arts. Some wonderful Starfleet klingons and the IKV Melota membership pretty much fleshed out the klingon grouping for bloodwine Ceremonies, tasting, and discussion. We demonstrated our version of a Bloodwine Ceremony with the dipping, Howl and prayer for everybody present and the Starfleet crews found it rather interesting.
Then, in a separate room, we demonstrated our version of Batleth to any and all comers. We encountered friends of K'roth who had heard of our Batleth, but had never bothered to come to a Tournament. After seeing the combat live, we have hopes that more of that crew will be showing up for the IKV Melota Fall 2005 Tournament.

Lord Krell in the San Antonio Paper the next morning

SF people from all over now know about our Bloodwine and our videos. Various other SF folks are now sporting bruises and understanding the fun of Batleth.

The name of the IKV Melota is now well represented and known before SFI.

That was a great weekend for each of us personally. That was a great weekend for the IKV Melota as a KAG ship. It was my first fan run Con and thus I have nothing to which to compare it. However, I thought that it was huge (for fans), well run, and great fun for everybody.
We enjoyed meeting all of the wonderful people from Starfleet. And a big thanks goes to Pat Spiller and Robyn Winans for the hard work that they did. Their efforts are what made this event come together.

Strength and Honor, Y'all
Cdr. Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer
An Approved Brewmaster of the Empire


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