AER: Region III Summit Jail & Bail, 2007


AER: Starfleet Region III Summit Jail & Bail, 2007

Having fun with everybody.

The KAG vessel IKV Melota was invited to the Starfleet Region III Summit and was asked to do the Jail&Bail. We thank the Region III folks for the opportunity. It was a whole lot of fun working with the Region III people. Turnout was great with ships from all over. They had some very interesting panels going, modelling, fan movies, and many others. Talked with old friends. Made new friends. It certainly was a ball of fun.

As a fundraiser, the Jail&Bail raised about $178 or so for the Food Bank. The Food Bank itself sent a representative who was a real sport with a great sense of humor. His parmachi also was of like mind and we all had fun with them when they were not in their Food Bank panel.

The Jail was decked out as if it were a British pub taken over and used as a brig. Flower boxes, wood panels, windows were made to give it a fine pub type look. Squeeze designed and built this facade to be used on the Gizmo designed pvc cage.

For long distance, the El Paso ship probably gets the award for longest drive. Lucky for us they did make the trip. We met two new klingons in person of whom we have been in communications with for some time. Mor'TaH and Tavana made it up with the El Paso ship.
We had a Grethor of a time yaking it up. They have access to a commercial sewing machine capable of doing leather thus they were wearing real leather instead of vinyl. The sewing was absolutely fabulous. We talked about making uniforms in general. We talked about making leather uniforms. We talked about batleth practice and tournaments. We handed them some blanks from which they can cut their own weapons. I certainly am lobbying for them to make our next Tournament.

This was certainly a great event.and it was a great opportunity to have fun while assisting other clubs with their goals. .

Strength and Honor, Y'all
Cdr. Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer
An Approved Brewmaster of the Empire


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