AER: U.S.S. Joshua Halloween Party, Okt 09

AER: U.S.S. Joshua Halloween Party, Okt 09

The KAG vessel IKV Melota once again attended the Halloween Party of the U.S.S. Joshua.

As I have said before, this group really knows how to organize and put on a theme based party complete with buffet, dancing, wet bar and prizes. As to be expected this event worked quite well with many guests and (Joshua) crew showing up according to the theme this year. The theme related to fairies and wizards apparently based upon the costumes and decorations. I actually did not hear what it was, but it was good anyway.

Good News / Bad News:
My daughter has a normal W-2 type job, finally. That is the good new. The bad news is that she therefore could not serve as the registrar for the Joshua this time. We all missed her presence and singing.

It was great seeing everybody out there on the dance floor and milling around having a good time.

As normal, the costumes were excellent. Head hunters, fairies, unicorn people, vulcan vampires were present to name a few.

I look forward to the next one.

Strength and Honor,
Ship's Sore Feets


Driving home we encountered a car wonderfully parallel parked between two trees down in a ditch. We stopped to render aid to find one occupant and no obvious injuries. We called for help and remained to take care of the fellow until we passed the responsibility on to the Dallas Fire Department.

The EMT crew got a kick out of the klingon outfit and had at least one bona fide trekker in there.

We got to turn our Bobcat over for the day.

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