AER Morning Wood, 2008


AER: Morning Wood, 2008

Members of the KAG vessel IKV Melota were invited once again to Morningwood Glen, the local park of Amtgard.

To be true to the definition of an AER as originated by the IKV Melota, we were not in Uniform. However, this was a combat event and uniforms were not appropriate. Armor and weapons were the Rule of the day.

Warriors associated with the IKV Melota attended in non-uniformed, armed and armored combatant positions during the invasion by the Kingdom against the Park of Morningwood.

I was relegated to observer status due to my recent surgery and observed in pain. The Binars (Amoreth and Avalona), however, had some serious kick ass potential and did so. I must also mention the action of my puq'Be's (sp?) parmachi as he also as an IKV Melota representative took to the combat field.

As I sat there, I observed the Warriors of Morningwood Glen taking on the invading King's Warriors. It was a pretty much forgone conclusion given the fact that attacking forces should have a 3:1 superiority and in this case had a 1:4 inferiority. Von Clausewitz would give them credit for trying.

Avalona was assigned as an unarmored squirette to Osmodius (sp?) and was praised for her ability to recover spent arrows as no other has performed before.

Amoreth ranged and fought visciously against the invading King's minions.

This took place at "the Bowl". Heavy brush. Uneven terrain. Trenches. So, as a salute to the late George Carlin...

Jason,the Argonut, fighting over the mounds, resisted with Morningwood against the thrusts of the invading King's attempts to penetrate the bush that surrounded the valley of the defending Queen.

It really was a fun war even if I don't understand Amtgard rules.

Strength and Honor,
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota

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