AER Amtgard Mid-Reign, 2009


AER: Mid-Reign, 2009

Member of the KAG ship IKV Melota were invited to participate in a multistate Amtgard event. This was a Grethorova production that is well worth attending. The organizers expected about 30-35. They got 102. Unlike the IKV Melota, the Warrior to Non-combatant ratio is *much* higher in Amtgard. This gives this event a Grethorova lot more Warriors available for the two combat fields and the circuit battles.

Oh, and this event was small compared to Banner Wars which is the second weekend of Oktober each year. Then, a metric buttload of Warriors are present. This event had about a quarter of the property used. Banner Wars has Warriors throwing tents where they can find space. Banner Wars, tell your friends...

With a very reasonable entry fee, this property is well kept and a Saturn's Day Evening Feast is provided.

I ask my Amtgard friends to forgive me for being vague. It is being vague due to ignorance and not an attempt at snide commentary.

This event was a 21st Anniversary of some event, and a 42nd Anniversary of another event. Thus, it had dual themes. There was a 21 (Blackjack) type of theme running in parallel with a Hitchhiker's Guide theme.

Still having difficulties after my two foot surgeries, I did not cruise around as much as I would have liked to have done. But, I saw from our camp a LOT of fabulous sights. Within the Amtgard standards of fighting, I saw a lot of furious combat. Marvin was as depressed as ever as he fought the Warriors arrayed against him. The Vogons and the fearsome Bugblatter Beast of Trall were nasty creatures raining terror amidst the reign. Zephod was cruising around being his normal self-centered self asking for votes for the Presidency.

(Later I heard a rumour of his being a two fisted drinker, after all, he has two mouths to fill.)

The Feastacrat did a Grethorova a job cooking for 3x the expected attendees. The food *was* good and there was enough variety for different dietary requirements. The Assistant Feastacrat made a perfect veggie kabob. I never got to thank this person in person. She deserved the personal thanks.


The Awards Ceremony was less formal than a klingon Ceremony. But please, don't take that as a negative. It was a well run Ceremony with many good and surprising events occuring. Thanks to Sir Gavvin for translating the Awards for me. To them, *we* are mundanes.

Sir Gavvin and I did introduce the knife (Daq) to the Amtgard Warriors. They have foam knives that don't normally leave bruises and they are used for throwing. To them, the idea of a bruising knife that is not thrown was new. We started sparring and eventually had a revolving door of about 6-8 Warriors getting broken in to that type of very personal combat. I salute those who stepped in to try.
My foot also had a terrible hangover afterwards, but the pain was worth the fun.

Those not so limited in movement got to see more and participate more.

The Barding after dark was wonderful. Drums and Vogon poetry by bonfire. You should try it.

As a ship, we had a great time at a well conducted event. I salute those who invited us. I salute Kenta (Assistant Waracrat), the Feastacrat and the other -crats who put this on. I urge the Warriors of klindom and anybody else for that matter to consider making Banner Wars next Oktober.

Strength and Honor,
Commander Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota

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