Personal Log: Plano International Festival, 2011

Personal Log: Plano International Festival, 2011

If we include the Ferengi, this was the best turnout yet for the Plano International Festival. T'paun, Vixen, Squeeze and myself were front and center to be seen. The ferengi ran around on his own.

As mentioned in prior Logs, the dancing is the best part of the whole affair. It is wonderful to see the outfits and the ethnic dances. The clothing is colorful and splendid. I cannot talk this up enough.

There is also food, and lots of it.

Again, Dragen and I got on the stage to fight (staged, no pun intended). The plan is always to have him give me a good solid whack so that I can "die". With the heavy armor, the whack can be geniunely frightening to the audience and it is fun to hear that collective "OH" when they realize that it was a real hit.

We did have lots of folks come by and talk to us. However, after the fact, we did not have any new recruits from the event.

As usual, this was a very fun event to attend.


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