AER: RTX, 2015


AER: RTX, 2015

The KAG Ship IKV Melota sent a crew to Rooster Teeth, 2015.

This was the fourth year, the fourth convention for RTX. Their volunteers stated that an estimated forty thousand were expected. A vendor that I trust said fifty thousand. This doubles or beats the largest local Dallas convention by a factor of two point five.

I have not been to this very large Dallas convention so I do not know how well that it is run. I can say that RTX was incredibly well organized and run. There was a printed program complete with schedules and maps. (something that I expect, lacking in some smaller conventions) The volunteers (Guardians) knew what they were doing, when they were doing it, and were serious about getting it done. The Guardians were almost as if a military trained organization. It is actually interesting to compare them to any volunteers that I have seen anywhere else.
The Guardians had good radio communication. This is important as the convention took place over several blocks in various buildings. Also, when you arrived, you got a lanyard/entry badge and a mini-backpack! You also needed that backpack.

One of the panel rooms held (rounded) two thousand. (seats for 1,982)

For those who have gone to Dragon Con and other super conventions, this may not be bragging material. Compared to what I have seen, this one room held nearly half of the entire last "big" convention to which I went in DFW.

So, this AER and its numbers are actually aimed at the DFW members of KAG.

RTX is aimed at gamers, not sci-fi or anime or filk. RTX is based upon the game HALO as I understand it. (so my son tells me) There were many panels on gaming and quite a few on video editing and monetizing. The cosplay itself was actually a marginal sideline as I have seen many more costumes at much smaller conventions.

This was also our first con, ever, that we were a mere attendees. No obligations to do security, to do panels, to crew a table, to do recruiting. (KAG members are ALWAYS recruiting. we got some hits that I hope turn out to be recruits.)

Fourth year? Wow. Somebody knows what they are doing and how to do it.
This was extremely well organized. Very well run.

Strength and Honor

Cpt. Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota
An Approved Brewmaster of the Empire


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