AER: Space City Comicon, 2015


AER: Space City Comicon, 2015

The KAG Ship, IKV Melota, cruised hours south to serve another KAG Ship and Space City Comi-Con.

The IKV Logh Veng celebrated its one year anniversary at Space City Con. (I'm going to use the original and simpler name.)

The IKV Melota was there offering to provide additional support manning their table and assisting as necessary. The IKV Melota is truly grateful that the IKV Logh Veng allowed us to help at their table. (Thank you very much!) Though a small Ship, yet, it is a growing Ship and I was delighted to meet new members of which I had not met before.

The Skipper of the IKV Logh Veng hosted a convention panel which is (expletive deleted) awesome in my book. The IKV Melota did not host any con panel until well over a decade later. The IKV Logh Veng is supporting their local convention today, and yesterday, as I was at IKV Logh Veng panels in prior years. This is a Ship's Skipper that works hard to make things happen.

You have been to conventions. Thus, I/we have no need to detail what happens at conventions.

Garret Wang did katas with the Batleth of the IKV Logh Veng. I got to fight with Dakao Do, again, finally. With HIS Batleths and in my case, no armor.
I was able to discuss making knives and swords with vendors who make them from purchased metals. I was able to enlighten them on how I make those metals (damascus) that they purchase.
Grethor, yes, this was a good time.

Strength and Honor

Cpt. Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota
An Approved Brewmaster of the Empire


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