AER: Star Trek VI Movie Night, Aug 14th, 2006


AER: Star Trek VI Movie Night, Aug 14th, 2006

The KAG vessel, IKV Melota, was invited to participate in a rather fun night at the movies. The City of Allen Public Library has been showing all of the Star Trek movies in chronological order. This showing was ST:VI which had one of the heaviest all around klingon showings. Having more characters with which to work, more real estate and situations, this is arguably the best movie from a klingon perspective out of the Regeneration Generation.

We arrived and partook of a rather fun and freestyle evening. We arrived early and signed up for the costume contest. We toured the library and were absolutely amazed by the modern architecture. There is a section the librarians call "the Bridge". We noted that we saw more than just hints of a DS9 promenade. The curator and librarians were a bit surprised by the klingon turnout as they are used to Feddies, not klingons. Kmok won the costume contest which took place prior to the movie. Having quite a few klingons in place, we rooted for the Empire during the movie and laughed along with the mundanes over events that occured in the movie, or things that were overheard in the audience about the movie. The audience itself was great audience and very responsive.

After the movie, we discussed planning an "All Things Klingon" for their library. We understand that their Teen Director will take an interest in having a combat demonstration and the IKV Melota Academy items.

It was a long drive for a movie. However, the price was right, free. And, the company was superb!

Strength and Honor

Cdr. Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer
An Approved Brewmaster of the Empire


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