AER: Star Wars Con Recruiting Event, May 2005


This is a review of the Star Wars Con Recruitment Table held by the Crew of the IKV Melota Sat. May 14th and Sun. May 15th.

On Saturday Lords Krell and Ka'Min along with new Recruit Dragen of House Draconus arrived to the Star Wars con and set up the recruitment table and video for the club. The table had two ships on display and a record of past events and cons provided by Lord Krell for potential recruits to review. Lords Ka'Min and Krell also brought their spears, house emblems and ship emblem to prominently display behind the table. All three of us were in uniform Lord Krell in his Medieval Klingon Uniform. Lord Ka'Min in a newly fabricated Defense Force Uniform and New Recruit Dragen in an Original series uniform. The morning started off slow but quickly picked up with allot of positive interaction with the crowds and on this day we made several possible recruit contacts. At mid morning Captain3 also was able to join us and man the table. Lots of Flyers were passed out and there were many pictures taken as we clearly stole the thunder from the many bucketheads that were roaming the corridor.

At one point a large group of Storm Troopers approximately 10 -14 stopped across the corridor from us to pose for pictures. Seeing that the odds were now even we challenged them to honorable combat but they quickly tucked their tails and retreated. The day was very busy for us and we received lots of positive response from the public on our uniforms and our ship and it's mission. Late in the afternoon we were also joined by K'bech and our Orion Slave Girl -Y'lesh. Also present at the Con but working security on Saturday were our Captain Qel'ogh-wI aka Gizmo and the very lovely K'bubbles.

Sunday the con went from 12 noon to 4 pm, on this day working the table we had Our Captain, Krell, Ka'Min, K'Mok and his son, K'bech and Y'lesh. This day was just as busy for us and again we were the subject of many pictures and lots of interest. We made contact with at least three very interested people and possible recruits and spent allot of time talking to a 1st. Lt. in the Army who just got back from Iraq and stopped at the con to get his son an autograph. He was very interested in our group and may join us at Water Wars. The highlight of Sunday had to be our fearless Captain who took one for the team by daring the shores of The Undiscovered Country without a powdered jelly doughnut.

Thanks need to be given to all who came out to work the con, and especially to K'Linn and Gypt'Ro, who although didn't work the con provided meals and drinks to several who were there, and making it possible for their parmachi to be there both days. It was hot in the uniforms and the days were long but worth it for the glory of the Empire and the IKV Melota.

Katai Ka'Min
Lord of House Ka'Min

Greeting's Brother's and Sister's.....

I'll say it again.....If You Missed It.....Your Loss!!! We started out as always by arriving early Saturday to set up. Kamin, Draconus (New Member Tony...Please Welcome All...), and myself, Krell. The Setup went a little better this year as they had the Table set a littlt farther than the wall this time! Kamin and myself set out our Spears in their stands, with an IKV Banner stretched between them.
We had a supply of the Excellent Flyers made by Lord Kamin, and I brought what's left of the old Red One's!.....It was a Damn Good thing we had plenty this time, as that the response from the Public this time was not what we usually had......This year it was Phenominal!!!!! I had also brought a Photo Album of Ship's Events and my 2 Prized Playmates, Klingon Ship's! Gizmo (Lord of the Jelly Doughnut!), brought a DVD player and a Monitor, which we also set up and ran Salek's latest "Recruiting Video".
When the Door's opened there was a MUCH larger crowd already waiting and it looked like a Terran Cattle Stampede! Naturally all of them were looking at getting into the Dealer's Room first, to see what "Goodies" there were, so things for us, went pretty slow at first!
Then Kahless the Unforgettable, Said "I'm Pissed!", and he stretched out his Mighty Fist and pointed at our pitiful little table, and said, "Let there be Fresh Meat for the IKV Melota", and we got SWAMPED! This was not like the last Con, Oh No!, this time between Kam's "AWESOME" New Imperial Uniform, My Uniform, and the Video Monitor, we drew a steady roll of Mundanes, watching the Video, and literally bomb barding us with Questions!, even our newest member, Draconus/Tony, had to get into the act! He later mentioned that it was a Good thing he paid attention to Kamin's and mine, little speeches, because he got pulled into it himself! My Thank's to Draconus!, we really needed his help!, AND....Draconus also showed up in a STTOS Uniform!
Gizmo and the Lucsious K'Bubbles were working Security at this Con while we manned the Table, and dropped in from time to time! It was as if someone opened the Flood Gate! By the time Kamin and myself got home to his house, we were BEAT! (Thank's Brother for the use of the Couch!).
The only BUMMER was that my 3 adopted Daughter's all showed up just before the place closed! (As I understand it there was a communication problem there!) K'Bech was in her usual "Whips and Chains" uniform, Y'lesh was again in the Delectable Green again, wearing an Awesome Slave Collar procured by Lord K'Mok!
Debbie was in an extremely Black Uniform of sorts, with a very Short Skirt! Talk about Eye Candy for the Guy's.....WOOOOOHOOOOOO!, but as I said they showed up way too late to really have seen what all went on. All I can say is that they were all turning Male Heads! (Debbie....It was Great to see you again, we do not get to see you often enough....I hope this changes soon!).
It appears as though we may actually have some new prospective members, as that this time, we HAD to push the "Hard Sell" so to speak! We will see soon enough!
Now as to Sunday.....I am afraid that I must leave that part for someone else, but there was a PROUD moment in the main Hallway.....
A US Army (Texas Army National Guard), 1st Lieutenant, MP- Military Police Officer, had just gotten back from Iraq recovering from injuries sustained from an Explosion! He dad promised his son, that he would try and get an Autograph for him, I am afraid I do not remember which one at the moment, but anyway....he caught sight of us and we had a long conversation with him, and along the way somewhere I learned his name was Kevin, and he is a Texas Police Oficer.
Somewhere along the way he was asked if we could take a picture with him, and he graciously accepted! This is where all Hades broke loose!...We took one picture, then there had to be another, and then the Mundanes crowded in and went Ape!.....EVERYONE with a Camera or Kid's, or both, wanted a picture of the Klingon's, with One of America's Finest! This was the Shop's Crew working the Table, and the Lieutenant, backed against the wall, and so many Mundanes taking Pictures, that we were surrounded in a Huge Circle of Camera Flashes! This Semicircle was large enough to completely Block the Convention Center's Main Hallway! I really Hope K'Bech my Dearest Daughter K'Bech, will tell the tale of her walking from the building with the Lieutenant.....If it does not tear at your Heart....You Are No Klingon! It is such a Tale that it makes the Heart Pound with Pride, and the Spirit Soar!, but there is a sadness to the tale.....for this part of the must search your own Soul for answers.....

Sogh Krell epetai-BoSra'

The Con in Plano was GREAT. T'Kai, son of K'Mok escorted his father (both with foreheads in place). We went on Sunday and we were told that attendance had been greater on the day before.

K'Mok easily slipped into the "hawker" mentality and started greeting people to our booth. We gave out a LOT of fliers. (and posed for a LOT of pictures)

T'Kai spent the day running around taking pictures. The best of these can now be seen at the Yahoo site maintained by the Melota.

My thanks to Lord Krell and Lord Ka'Min for organizing this little shin-dig. I had a great time.

Lt. Cmdr. K'Mok

I am almost afraid to ask about the dognut thing. Although this is my 1st AER, I was much impressed by the effort and dedication that goes into a Con and recruiting. Lord Kamin and Lord Krell put in much, MUCH effort and dedication to this event. Not only that, but they even allowed a newbie to attend and help. Anyway, the Con was most profitable for the Empire. As Lord Kamin said, there was much MUCH interest in our ship; and about 3 serious people I believe. The army paerson mentioned in Lord Kamin's AER would definitely be e fine addition to our group; especially in the area of combat training. All in all, for my first Con I feel that one of the most important things I learned is...I still got a LOT to learn. I am in for the LONG haul though, so you couldn't get rid of me that easily even if you wanted to. (Unfortunately I was unable to man the table Sunday, but here it went well too). Bucketheads? I don't see no stinking bucketheads!
Lord Draconus

I can't really give much of an AER as I spent both days from open to closing with one of the stars. Handling money and photos etc. Popped out for very quick hugs, hellos, and to woof down a sandwich. What I did see was a really fantastic recruitment table with some great looking klingons!!!!!!

No AER from Salek this time. My Porsche was rear ended in a hit&run after work Saturday morning (from working Friday night), then wiped out by a speeding blond on the Interstate shortly thereafter. Two separate incidents in one lousy morning. I spent the Convention weekend preparing my faithful (1970) Karmann for the road. It was parked July 2nd, 2002 when I was laid off from my last professional job. It is now returning to the road. I have owned it for some 25 years so I certainly missed it.

Salek the Sore


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