AER: SciFi Expo 4/2010


AER: T'Paun - Sci Fi Expo 4/24 - 4/25 2010

Saturday: My costume of choice, Vulcan High priestess without the ears. I arrived early, and began the normal procedure of stowing extra stuff behind our recruitment table, and let the other volunteers in as they showed up. We began allowing the venders in at 8:30am and I watched them stream in and out the dock doors with their items to sell.
10:45a They opened up to the VIP/Priority people first. Then the General Admission. There were a great many different costumes, from Browncoats, Star Trek, Star Wars to Steam Punk. I even had photos taken of me! The celebs were quite happy with the turn out of people. Two of them that were going to be present for one day only changed their minds and decided to come back Sunday.
I managed to get a photo of myself with Deep Roy (Charley and the Chocolate Factory and the new Star Trek) Saturday evening and had dinner at Chedders with the crew. All in all, it was a tiring day.

Sunday: My Costume of Choice, Steam Punk. As a normal Sunday we only needed arrive a little before the venders so I arrived around 9:55am to let the venders in. Some of the venders brought additional items in to restock items sold the day before. Once that part was done, I mostly roamed the convention center checking up on the start and artists to make sure that things had gone well with them the day before.
I managed to get a photo of myself with Bruce Boxleitner and several other of the celebs as it was a bit slower than it had been on Saturday.

Looking forward to our Good Day to Dine!

T'Paun Pirate, Vulcan, and Keeper of the Convention Calendar

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