Shoot the Monkey, Nov 2003


Kahless! It was glorious!
As the Protective Services Team was engaged in a firefight with the second Assassination Team, a survivor of Assassinations Team1 walked out of the tree line. He walked across some 50 yards of open field. He crossed the road. He then walked from behind the Protective Services Team and into their midst to shoot the Principle in the back. Chris of the IKF Anpu got a clean, one shot kill at close range.
We all sat stunned.
I was filming the firefight and totally missed getting this awesome kill on tape. I was just as snookered by the incident.

This was very much the highlight of the weekend. But it was not all of the weekend. Warriors started showing up Friday night at Chicken Plucker's place. Some of us arrived Saturday morning. Local shooters arrived to flesh out the combat crews for the day.
We did not have quite the turnout that we had hoped for as many Warriors from each ship were suffering from the fell events of life. I, for one, really appreciate all of the klingons and mundanes that showed up in spite of their own hardships. (My 912 broke a halfaxle on the Thursday before.)
Thank you guys. It made my efforts worth the effort.
For those who wanted to be there, but could not, we missed you and hope to see you at the next Deliverance Wars.

There were some 4 rounds of combat, then we broke for lunch. After lunch we had 3 more rounds including that phenomenal "protect the VIP" scenario. As it got dark, we probably made Belleville's economy by ordering pizza. (Belleville is a no stoplight town.) We ordered a LOT of pizza.
Then came building the bonfire for the Ceremonies. We had short and sweet Ceremonies for a change. We were all wearing our paintball gig as opposed to klingon uniforms. What you don't see in the video is all of the flags and banners around the camp. It was much better than the nonuniformed Ceremonies would indicate.
We opened the bloodwine and dipped. Then we howled for the Honored Dead. Awards were quickly given out and the show was over. Quick and simple. Back to some serious fellowship.
Intership items were discussed. Information about marketing, Force Projection, and our style of Batleth were discussed. Methods of lower cost Force Projection were discussed in order to get other ships to sign on to a concept that would allow members to fly long range to participate in other ship's events. This fell in with the importance of marketing one's ship to the mundanes for recruits. Batleth technique was not just discussed, it was applied with brute force. After the "Batleth Class", I surrendered both of my Batleths to the IKF Anpu. This provides them with a MarkIV, and a modified MarkIV to use as templates. They can also study the belted radial padding technique from decommissioned models.

I'm going to leave it to somebody else who was present for all of the battles to do the combat action detail. I have written enough at this point.

It was wonderful always.

Strength and Honor

Cdr. Salek Sutai
Ship's Brewer
An Approved Brewmaster of the Empire

No long winded step by step descriptions of the event, just some recollections of highlights:

The young lady who accompanied her dad from Missouri was a real trooper, stalking CF during a Predator game along side seasoned army MP's like she grew up on maneuvers. Hats off to her. Solid respect is given for taking a shot better than most adults.

The Anpu shooter armed only with a hand grenade who had balls big enough to rush three shooters under hard cover. A valiant effort worthy of a nod.

Loosing air in the middle of a fire fight and having two prime targets I was unable to hit. Miss Tanya's back side was not under cover from my angle, and CF kept exposing himself to my line of fire while shooting at others. When my gun burped, CF graciously and loudly allowed me the opportunity to surrender under threat of A5 painting. Thanks bunches.

The sniper hunt was an great 10 minute tension filled stalk followed by maybe 2 or 3 minutes of steady running shooting. If Mrs. CF hadn't run out of ammo, she probably would have cleaned our clocks.

Salek neglected to mention Chris the assassin waved at the president and his crew, and received a wave back, just before he kacked the democrat bastard (I'm assuming he was Clinton, based on our location). Captain3 and I enjoyed the show from an excellent vantage point, and had the opportunity to marvel at what was unfolding before our "dead" selves with some amusement. We both enjoyed the cross fire action the sniper team gave us. John and I had a right fun series of shots back and forth before he took me out.

The brother in law and his brother in law - Thanks for keeping us entertained during the slower periods with your "banter". Your enthusiastic good humor made our day and offered near unlimited material for a series of Arkansas jokes.

I much prefer the freedom allowed a group attacking a fort over the restrictions of defending. Especially when your on the declining end of a half gone group. Sucks being the target of an exponentially escalating shoot out.

The scenery was fantastic. CF has a spectacular hunk of land, a wonderful paintball set up, and a good crew to work with. Thanks for hosting us. My family enjoyed the experience as much as I did, even with the nighttime chill. CF, his mom, his dad, and his wife were all dead on accurate in describing the great food at the Belleville dinner, great way to start a road trip home.

Looking forward to April.

Bill Burks
Venus, Texas.


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