AER: Tournament, 2010


AER: Tournament, 2010

The KAG ship, IKV Melota, hosted its annual Batleth Tournament with out-of-state guest Warriors and out-of-planet mundanes attending.

We started arriving on Friday to set up and fellowship. Not having the pavilion this year hurt, but we managed. We set up deflector shields against whatever the weather was ready to present to us. We prepared for Ceremonies. We armed for Tournament.

On Saturn's Day, there was some serious combat as usual. We licked many wounds while proudly showing off our bruises. We tried to start on time, but we wound up on delay time as sometimes happens. It was just a rough morning to try to get started.

Knowing that a cold front was on the way, we were Grethor bent on getting started in spite of the rough morning most of us faced. We managed to get in Batleth and Mekleth combat before the required rain hit.

We managed to get fed the wonderful feast that Squeeze cooked for us. No hot dogs and chili. No beanie weenies. This was real food. Kabob chicken with three different marinades. A special Texan soup with meat, beans and a little ass burn later. A sauteed' veggie mix that floated tents in the evening. Squeeze was kind enough to cook the Saturn's Day noone meal for us. We thank her very much.

We fought long and hard. Maybe hard and long to make the final cut for Win, Place, and Show.

With some serious upsets, the rankings were almost a bit of a surprise. I say "almost" because the IKV Bayou Serpent (LA) sends us a Champion each year that can really kick butt. With respect and grim determination about next year I must announce that the Da'Har was Commander Ripar of the IKV Bayou Serpent. On the negligible "me" scale, it hurts to have another ship take Da'Har. On the larger scale of klindom, it fracking rocks that we are competing with another ship and we must plan to take back the title to the contest of which we host.
Simply put, Commander Ripar of the IKV Bayou Serpent fracking rocked and earned his title.

We had a straggler come in after the combat to fellowship with us. "Straggler" is only due to Real Life interfering with klindom. I drove round trip some 2 hours after the combat to collect our honored guest as fighting is not all that klindom has to offer.

There were non-combatant games.

There was the klingon version of "Fear Factor" which some of the participants had a hard time with.

There was contest of skill where one threw balls at a target. The winner was the Warrioress with macular degeneration. Those that could see did not do as well of a job. Perhaps, the Force rules in we who do not see as well.

We have Ceremonies and a rather brutal sense of humour for the afternoon and evening events. We were honored to have the attendance of a rather northern member of KAG by the name of naHQun of the IKS lIywI'. In reality, he is a Texan currently in exile to the northern wastes. Thus, we shall claim kinship with him. His stories of interstate, international, and intercontentintal works for the furtherance of klindom were wonderful reasons to gather around the communal camp fire. Just being a guest is reason enough for us. However, he earned his way with his stories of klingon efforts worldwide.

Come morning (mourning?), we armored up and sparred with various weapons to show our version of batleth that our honored guest had regrettably missed. We even brought in a pair of earth swords to experiment with primitive weapons. Kmok gave our guest two mekleth blanks to use upon his return to BFE. I offered the videos and information on padding those blanks. We truly hope to see some future action from this gift.

Alas, there is a time when we must clear the camp sites and warp back to our respective bases.

Strength and Honor,
Commander Salek, Sutai
Ship's Senior Brewer, IKV Melota

The weekend of September 24-26,2010 I had the honor of attending the IKV Melota bat'leth tournament that was held at Purtis Creek State Park in Eustace,TX. I made the 3.5 hour drive by shuttle and arrived in the heat to set up camp, followed by fellowship with my Texas Klingon friends until around 1am.

Saturday brought the combat and the promise of rain. After a late start, we began with bat'leth. My purple bat'leth nicknamed B'arney was retired from service or simply repadded depending on your point of view. For the first time ever I managed to place first in this event though I've come close many times. Up next was mekleth and my worst showing as usual. I was knocked out in the first round and Salek of the Melota went on to take this weapon class. The rain came but it never stops us,we continued. D'k-tahg was wet and last. Some discussion began about whether or not you could break a rubber knife and we soon found out. I received the "first broken weapon" award after I snapped a blade on T'Kai's shoulder. I had the fortune of placing first in this class as well,making it my 3rd time to win this event. Champion standing was taken by myself for the first time with Salek placing second in points. Salek's fighting has improved tremendously since the last time I faced him. There was no "first blood" winner and no injuries,just bruises.

After the combat,Salek made a 2 hour round trip to retrieve naHQun of the IKS lIywI' from Indiana and therefore winner of the "farthest traveled" award. Though he missed the combat,he did manage to compete in the non-combatant game which consisted of several trials. First was a "fear factor" style competition where food even a klingon would gag at was served. I managed to finish all my targ eyes,T'Kai forced down the klingon toe fungus,and Qel-logh-wI finally got down the insects. naHQun hardly touched his ferengi ear wax. There was also a word find,jigsaw puzzle,and borg ball toss that was won by the person with almost no vision.

Ceremonies came next with trophies handed out for the following:

1st place bat'leth: Ri'Par
1st place mekleth: Salek
1st place d'k-tahg: Ri'Par
Champion standing: Ri'Par
2nd place points: Salek
First broken weapon: Ri'Par
Farthest traveled: naHQun

We then partied,told stories of events past,and got to know naHQun who's work in klingon language has taken him far. I had the honor of promoting him to 1st Lieutenant.

Sunday brought the soreness,repacking,and goodbyes that's always the only downside to the tournament. Thanks to the warriors of the Melota for once again inviting me. As always,I look forward to next year.

Cmdr Ri'Par sutai-bortaS
IKV Bayou Serpent CO
Cold Terror Fleet XO

Once again, I left the IKS lIywI' 's Indianapolis patrol route and traveled on down to Dallas.

The IKV Melota had their annual betleH tournament this weekend. Due to other engagements, I arrived late and missed the competitions.
However, there were still other games to be enjoyed.

Well, I didn't enjoy the Ferengi earwax?

All in all it was a glorious weekend.

The crew of the Melota was very hospitable, even loaning me the use of a KDF tent and blanket.

Even though I didn't compete, I didn't leave empty handed.
A Melota pin now dons my cloak, and I have a set of practice meqleH.

And Saturday night Ri'Par promoted me to full lietenant.

Commander of the IKS lIywI'
I highly recommend traveling away to other ship's events.

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