Personal Log: Tournament 2011

Personal Log: Tournament, 2011

First off, this is the very first Tournament since we started having them on public property of which I did not have my cursed bicycle wreck headache. It really makes a difference in your performance and attitude when you are not in horrible pain.

I have a new job within the same company. They have finally taken me as the computer professional of which I am. With this in mind, I was able to ask for the Friday off and actually get it. Woohoo!

Sweating a bad tie-rod end, we packed the heavy lift vehicle and headed to Purtis Creek state Park on Friday. Upon arriving we set up camp and laid out the materials for the Tournament. This was the first public property Tournament where we had the bulk of the set up done on Friday thus making Saturday morning a lot easier.

We had many guests, mundane and uniformed. And, we had the return of a long lost sister. Captain Ripar and his parmachi drove in to represent the IKV Bayou Serpent. Behrmaq was a casualty of Real Life. Nivek had a scheduling conflict with another event. Captain Ripar convinced some Dallas Feddies to show up and they brought their families. We saw the return of Kbech! She has been in Mississippi for years and has returned to the fold. She also fought in the Tournament. We had two mundanes from my work arrive. However, one did not stay mundane for long. Amy was technically a mundane, however, she was tapped in to the Ship as a member at Ceremonies. Tiffany was a great cameo who stayed and played most of the day.

Lots of good fighting. Their were some interesting discussions, but no arguments in judging as we no longer have any "immortals". No debilitating injuries though blood was drawn. Ripar drew first blood, however, I accidentally gave Kmok a third eye with a daktag. Face and head injuries have a tendency to bleed well.

No broken weapons. Unusual.

Since the Binars are effectively broken up (work, geopraphy), the womenfolk of the audience tried to make up for their absence. It was great that they were present in spirit, anyway.

In the afternoon there were the trivia game and the pinata. Dr. Gizmo did the trivia game. The pinata was an all adult pinata since the kids have all grown up.

At dusk, we held brief Ceremonies where the trophies were awarded, Kbech re-instated as a member, and Amy tapped in as our newest member.

The Ceremonies were certainly different. Burn ban. No candles, torches, fires, no nothing. So Ceremonies (and cooking) were different from normal. There were also no banners nor the usual "Prayer".

Then it was play time. Normally, there is a sound curfew at 2200. However, the park was effectively closed. We had the only open part of the park so there was nobody else to bother. The Rangers let us stay noisy until we all snoozed. Nobody earned the next Nivek mug which is a good thing.

A raccoon scored Dr. Gizmo's bag of chocolate chip cookies which was an un-good thing.

Next weekend, the Ship is to represent our tribe at the Plano International Festival.

No headache, no injuries, this was a great weekend for me and mine.

Strength and Honor,
Commander Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota

I still feel as though information should be shared and in my case, apologies made.

I stupidly volunteered to make the trophies again. No sane person wants to take on this job. Ok, I guess I just made a comment about the awesome Dr. Gizmo. However, by volunteering, you take on a lot of responsibility and pressure to deliver a product for the Tournament. I had hoped to take some pressure off of the awesome Dr. Gizmo. I volunteered early in the game. No real issue. This gives him more slack time at home. And, I had a great idea, so I thought. Then, my family had a house fire. That caused extensive fund and time shifts. Oh, I'm later sent out of town for job training. Upon my return, I'm rear ended while driving the VW bus. (The VW Kominationzwagen is ok. I'm screwed and in major pain.) No problem, I still have some time to make trophies. Yeah, right. Try doing this under prescription grade painkillers with the pain. My glorious idea was an abject failure of epic proportions. Now, it is panic time to recreate the trophies of 2009. I totally forgot some really obvious engineering issues and the lovely Squeeze saved my ass by covering for me. She provided time, money and effort to turn a pig's ear into a purse. Even then, these awards are just not up to my first and reference par. Comparing against Dr. Gizmo, are you fraking kidding???

I tried to take the responsibility and stress off of Dr. Gizmo. However, outside events forced him into other projects. Regrettably there are no campaign pins for this event. This is the first event since Deliverance Wars I that there have been no campaign pins. We all at the meetings totally forgot about this item. Is this a condemnation? Grether no! He was coerced into his own house remodeling and WE ALL totally forgot to mention this at any meetings. Kai Gizmo for keeping a stable and safe roof over your head for your family.

From the aforementioned paragraphs, Real Life totally screwed what was intended.


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