AER: IKV Melota Batleth Tournament, 2014


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AER: IKV Melota Batleth Tournament, 2014

I had this wonderful back story on the awards. I totally forgot to tell it. Thus, nobody understands why the awards look as crude as they do.

The IKV Melota hosted its 16th* Tournament. The theme was Area 91. This was the klingon response that there would not be a "Sweet 16th" in klindom. By turning 16 upside down, we have 91. I was going to claim that they were dug up on Old Terra about 1946 (Terran Old Standard) from Area 91, which surrounds Roswell. The pins and trophies were arranged around this.Talk about a total miss-count. That was Tournament 21. Still a special number.

All forgotten. No back story. No story.


This was the first Tournament since 2003 that was cool/cold. Depending upon your home town, you can choose the adjective. That damn typhoon that hit Alyeska punted the jet stream down way south. What should have been short sleeve and shorts weather became drizzly, wet, cold enough, and for some, miserable.

Quite frankly, the IKV Melota had nearly forgotten how to do a cold Tournament. I salute those with the twin gametes to show up and compete.

This also dramatically affected daktag fighting. Since 2003, we have started painting the blades and fighting as "skins". The paint makes it easier to judge. Skins makes the paint easier to wash off. The high was not to reach 50 and a lot of the combatants still chose to take off shirts (coats) and fight as skins in the cold.
The major concession here was that the wash water and rag were kept heated this time.
Instead of setting up a shaded area, we needed wind protection and a top cover for the pissy mist that was coming down.

One wind nearly took out the scoring tent. A different wind hours later nearly took out a judge in a Keystone Cops moment of blowing the sun shield into the Ring and around that judge.

Ok, lets talk targ...

The Cat-Assed-Trophy was awarded to a person that had 5.5 points. OBSERVE, the lowest scoring person was still kicking some ass. This is damnned important! It was somewhat embarrassing that a federation Admiral took Batleth, Mekleth and Daktag. That also means that that Feddie Bear walked away with WIN. He defeated in each final a fellow Fleet31 member. So PLACE also went to a Fleet31 person. SHOW went to the next most ass kicking. Our son, took PLACE defeating his sister in dagtag along the way to get there.

Bottom Line:
Win Cameron Fleet31
Place Redux Fleet31
Show Errol independent, associated with the IKV Melota
Bat Cameron Fleet31
Mek Cameron Fleet31
Daq Cameron Fleet31
CAT Q'alara IKV Logh Veng
From a klingon perspective, the Feddie Bears took nearly all of the Tournament. Embarrassing.
From an intership perspective, our loss, their gain, just gives grounds for a future intership rivalry to regain our Honor. They will be back as victors. We must regain our titles as KLINGONS.

These are great people that show up in my back yard regularly to train for Tournament. It is hard enough to get klingon ships to follow Cold Revenge Quadrant Rules. We have Feddies who not only are willing to play by our Rules, but, at the moment, they are winning by our Rules.

Kaldera and Squeeze teamed up for a great communal lunch. Thank you!!!

Squeeze brought a crapload of non-combatant games and prizes. Dragen worked out a different kind of trivia game. The pinata was strictly adult as we no longer have "children". Grethor!!! The "children" are fighting for PLACE and weapons Honors.

There was a tribble hunt. Oh, the scoring on that one was great.

Finally, Ceremonies.

The IKV Melota Ship's Camcorder is showing its age. This first cold event the superbattery could not sustain the combat. Nope, not gonna do the Ceremonies. I am hoping for footage from the IKV Logh Veng to complete a combat video. I'm desparate for their footage to do a Ceremonies video.

Because my pocket computer died, and that I forgot to print the Howl List for 2013, we had a two year large list for which to Howl this time.

Win, Place, Show, Batleth, Mekleth, Dagtagh were awarded as commented prior.

A special commentary was presented by Lt Commander Dragen about the 25th KAG Anniversary.

K'allen and Squeeze were awarded KAG Commendations for long term service to the Empire.

2nd Lt Q'alara (IKVLV) was tapped to 1st Lt Vestai for her service to the Empire.

Attending: IKV Melota, 1701st, Fleet31, IKV Logh Veng, and those whose Honor is their Own.

This was a great weekend to be with fellow Warriors.

Strength and Honor,
Captain Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota


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