AER: IKV Melota Batleth Tournament, 2015


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AER: IKV Melota Batleth Tournament, 2015

The KAG Ship, IKV Melota, hosted its annual Batleth Tournament. To our knowledge, this is the only Batleth Tournament that uses correct weight weapons. This was Tournament Number 22. Last year, I somehow got the count way off and called last year's Tournament Number 16. This year's Tournament theme was "War of the Worlds".

We once again had combatants from Fleet 31 and the KAG Ship, IKV Logh Veng. We also had guests from the 1701st and others whose honor is their own.

Members of the IKV Melota arrived early Friday and started setting up the combat area and the challenges for the Klingon Amazing Race. The combat area as normal had its weather protection and scorekeeper's table. The Klingon Amazing Race had various challenges both dry and wet.

The combat was quite "interesting". "Interesting" is not my usual adjective. There was more than one occasion where the referees had to huddle to figure out how to rule on situation. I truly mean "interesting", fascinating, FUN.

Being equal opportunity offenders, we are please to note that women made up one third of the combatants. This is not a "stag" event. And, if we were to award a fourth place, it was a young Warrioress that nearly tied for that spot.

Usually, Tournament has been hot, until last year when we were cold. This year, the weather was perfect. The morning was cool enough to allow armor for the heavy and medium weapons. The noon time was warm enough to comfortably go "skins" for the knife combat.

The Ship provided the lunch as usual. Many thanks to Kloah for handling the job feeding the multitudes.

For all, combatants and non-combatants, the afternoon started the non-combatant games.

First up was the Tribble Hunt. 128 tribbles were hidden. Each tribble was filled with goodies. Some of the tribbles were pregnant and had tribbles within them. The little tribbles had little goodies.

Since there are no longer children in the Ship, the goodies and prizes are more adult oriented with cool glassware, sci-fi stuff, and unmentionables.

Next was the Klingon Amazing Race. There was a strange string maze, a water challenge, and two puzzles. Somewhere, there were the "walking boards" and a ball maze. Finally, a picture puzzle from all four War of the Worlds events. Oh, and prizes for the winning team.

Last item before Ceremonies was the pinata. This was the usual adult oriented Squeeze awesome made pinata. With the "War of the Worlds" theme, the pinata was the remote head from the 1953 movie.

Kloah was kind enough, and the Ship had purchased enough food, to provide a Ship's Dinner. This was a wonderful surprise and took a load off of the various families allowing them to be ready for Ceremonies with less rush.

At dusk, we had Ceremonies. We opened the Bloodwine and had the Bloodwine Ceremonies. We then Howled for the Honored Dead. Then, the Tournament Awards and head butts were given.

Afterwards, there was the required trivia game around the camp fire.

Then, just simply being fellow travellers of the science fiction realm having fun together.

As usual, the Park Rangers gave us a nod for our cleaning up better than the common campers. We are still maintaining our reputation for cleaning up better than the mundanes.

Time for the scores:

Win Cameron, Fleet 31
Place Andrew, Whose Honor is his Own
Show K'maus, IKV Melota
Batleth Andrew, Whose Honor is his Own
Mekleth Cameron, Fleet 31
Daktag Cameron, Fleet 31
Cat-Ass-Trophy, Q'alara, IKV Logh Veng

We are short on pictures and video as the IKV Melota camcorder is now too old to survive even half of the combat when conserving the battery. I only took a few pictures myself as I would normally be judging. So, we are going to be a little light on photos and video.

Strength and Honor,
Captain Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota


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