AER: IKV Melota Annual Batleth Tournament, 2016


AER: IKV Melota Annual Batleth Tournament, 2016

The IKV Melota hosted its annual Batleth Tournament the first weekend of Oktober. This was the last Batleth Tournament on public property. Purtis Creek State Park enjoyed (cringed at) our presence for the tenth time.

We had 12 combatants and even more in total when adding the non-combatants. There were many guests from the park that participated in our non-combatant games and the ceremonies. This was one Grethor of a great day after combat with all of the guests.

We started late on purpose. My Karmann was fed a full tank of liquid rust that killed its engine while in town. I had to borrow a ride from a guest combatant to get to the Tournament. So, there was still more setting up to do in the morning.

(Had to pull the fuel tank, flush the lines, replace the plugged fuel filter, etc. after the Tournament.)

This was kinda laid back compared to our usual Tournaments. On the other hand, things went so smoothly that we made up time and finished earlier than usual.

The resident Superwoman, Squeeze cooked the lunch for Tournament. (And, did most of the set up since I was late. And, did most of the teardown on Sunday morning.) For this we are all grateful. The food was some of the usual camp/park foods augmented with some of her specialties.
There was enough left over that supper was on the IKV Melota, also. This made camping a lot easier for everybody.

The fighting was simply wonderful. There were absolutely zero skunk rounds. The point spread between the experienced and the newer and guest Warriors was minimal. Seriously, 2.5 to 3 and 2 to 3 were the usual wins meaning that the newer and guest Warriors were seriously holding their own.

There were no broken weapons. I don't at the moment recall any significant bleeding. There was, however, some serious assed sunburn since we fight as skins during Dagtaq. The Women Warriors did not seem to burn shirtless. I think that they figured out sunblock. But, my puqloD was fried to a crispy critter.

The Cat-Ass-Trophy went to a "walk-in" who arrived in time only to fight Daqtag and to leave to get back to work. Caleb is an experienced Warrior and regular in our back yard for Practice. He just happened to have a job in a town near our Tournament, a long lunch and an easy, cool boss.

The really freaky situation was a wounded Warrior who opted to sit this Tournament out. After Batleth was over, the excitement overcame the body and he signed up for Mekleth, his best weapon. Then, he continued with Daqtag. After sitting out an entire Weapon with Zero points accrued, he took Third Place Overall!!!! Talk about a comeback kid!!!!

There a LOT of park guests who joined in the non-combatant games. Those games were really as awesome as the combat from that perspective.

At dusk, we held the required Ceremonies. Ceremonies had some of those park guests taking part in Ceremonies as non-combatant participants. We had enough to be well heard across the lake with the Death Howl. It just hurt how long and personal that list was this year.

Games, after dark, games...

There was a lot of good gaming with variants of old staples and new twists on what you thought that you knew. Prizes of value were awarded for the non-combatant games to spice things up as usual.

Win Andrew, IKV Logh Veng
Place Capt Wilkinson, Fleet 31
Show Rotokq, IKV Melota
Bat Andrew, IKV Logh Veng
Mek Capt Wilkinson, Fleet 31
Daq Andrew, IKV Logh Veng
Cat-Ass-Trohpy Caleb, whose honor is his own.

Thus, ends a phenomenal tale of a fantastic weekend.

Strength and Honor,

Cpt. Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer
IKV Melota


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