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After Encounter Report: Television Interview, Aug 2005

It all started with a phone call. An old klingon buddy calls up saying that a local TV show would like to tape an interview with some klingons. Face time. On Air Time. This is what we all are hoping for in order to get klindom more known to the mundanes and potential recruits.

Krell, Mhaqz (Victor, Mhaqz epetaI’ meQpu’yay, IKE) and myself show up at the QTN studios to find out a few things. The show was "live" tonight and not being taped. And we now know what the "Q" in "QTN" stands for.

This was a show similar to the one for which Ripar as interviewed. It studies extreme lifestyles and hobbies. Thus the show is called "The Queer Edge". It is normally hosted by a guy named "Jack E. Jett". However, he was ill and "Jackie" filled in for him as guest host. She did a great job for having such a short notice to take over somebody elses' live TV show.

We were there as guests describing klindom and the klingon culture as it exists on TV and is being applied in the Real World. We were not intending to play the part of real aliens who are being interviewed.
Mhaqz and Krell did a dynamite job of looking and sounding good. And for some stupid reason, as the only real "on air veteran" of the bunch, I managed to "choke" during the interview. So I pretty much tried to stay passive and let Krell and Mhaqz keep up the klingon part of the show. Krell great. Mhaqz great. Salek bad. That was the score there.

The Hostess (Jackie) was asking questions about how we are as persons in and out of the uniform. As a group we discussed fundraising and the recipient of those funds. We also discussed the type of person who would want to be the klingon character and the relationship between the character's values and the Real Person's values. Given the nature of the network, the discussion had to revolve around to sex (and homosexuality). Krell got to field a fair part of that conversation and the Hostess really loved his answers. There was some very good interplay between the Hostess and Krell as klingon sex was being discussed.
Mhaqz, being a repeat guest, presented Jackie with a set of Commander's tabs. Later, Jackie had Krell sit on her lap during the closing portion of the show.

It was definitely an interesting evening. It was face time amongst mundanes on television.

We served the Empire and we had a blast doing it.

Strength and Honor

Cdr. Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer


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