AER: Texas Lottery Event, Mar 2013

AER: Texas Lottery Event, Mar 2013

We got there just a little after 9am got a bit of coffiee on the upper floor. then it was basicly just waiting around for them to get the ball rolling. My hubby david won a chance in the money blowing machine (ROFL) and i got more photos taken of me (could it have been that bat'lath?) heh then the count was done 550 people in costume, i think their machine was wrong, im sure there were more than that in the arena, (shrugs) as far as i know none of the local club people were lucky enough to win the 5k they were drawing for. Shatner was short (spoke aprox 5 min total!) VERY few autographs. seemed to be some confusion on that. SgM T'Paun


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