AER: USS Joshua's Halloween Party, 2013


AER: USS Joshua's Halloween Party, 2013

The KAG ship IKV Melota attended the USS Joshua's Halloween Party.

This is always a top quality production and should not be missed. I just keep sounding the same each year for the AER because it is. The food is catered. There is a dance floor. The music is great. Door prizes are always a blast.

There are always costume prizes and a freaky food competition. The table decorations were competing this year against each other.

Since she was 16, our daughter has been the mercenary hired in to do the door/greeting function whenever she could. Lucky for all, she was again available.

In the cross pollination category, the IKV Melota talked Redux from Fleet 31 to be there. I believe that he had a great time. Hopefully, Fleet 31 will send a bigger contingent next year. We talk up and "sell" the events of our local Feddie Bears, too. Any bit of friendship helps.

I'm making this a short report since I have said it all before.

Strength and Honor,
Ship's Sore Feet


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