AER: USS Trinity River's Movie Tavern night


Well as for one who was there, Kat, Donna & I arrived @ 7:35 (some commo officer told us 7:30 would be PLENTY of time....I wonder who that was...)

The movie like all movies from Lucas was totally awesome,. it was great to finally see the rise of one of our favorite villans the Evil Lord Vader. Once the movie let out and the house lights came up we saw some long missed friends including Captain3, Big Mark (aka the Screaming Wall) and met some of the others from Starfleet. We couldn't stay long and socialize as it was getting late and some of our party had to get to work. But all in all we had a great time.

2nd. Lt. RotokQ tai

Movie Tavern AER

RotokQ, Kat and I arrived a little late for all the before movie festivities because we were coming from a visit with Kamin and Rose (G'yptro), so I can't tell you much about the beforehand scene. The movie itself was pretty good, but the action was way too fast to appreciate. It also seemed very cluttered with extra CGI effects that really weren't necessary. Otherwise I enjoyed how it put together the "how's" and "why's" that continue the Star Wars story. Afterward there was a ton of visiting and discussion of people's favorite episode and who rocked and who sucked. It was great to see people from other ships that I had not seen in a while, "not all Klingon" as one trekkie openly pointed out. It was a very nice turnout. Captain3 did mention we should see Madagascar, though. Great thought!

Have fun!
1st Lt. sQweezinart, vestai


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