AER Venom Wars III

AER: Venom Wars III

The IKV Melota cruised to the IKV Bayou Serpent's turf for the third annual Venom Wars in Choudrant, Louisiana. The Cold Revenge Quadrant Commander and his parmachi again hosted this event on their property. The IKV Bayou Serpent's Captain was heavily involved in the planning, coordination and execution of the event. The membership of the IKV Melota was pretty much along for the ride and had a great time.

We arrived Friday night as usual to set up tents and have casual conversation. Gads, the morning came early. We, at least, had three coffee pots going. For the first time away from Kbubble's super sized coffee pot, we actually had enough coffee.

Gear was organized for paintball. The Stage was prepped for the upcoming Ceremonies. It was a busy morning and we had time to get things done as post time was 1130.

We certainly felt the absence of the IKV Deliverance as we had expected them to be present this year. (Alas, work got in the way.) CF was bringing the only gas. Thus with his absence, the guys had to drive into town to the nearest paintball shop to have every bottle available filled.
One thing about this situation, though, no more Vietnam era "spray and pray". The requirement to be conservative with CO2 returned everybody to the pre-Vietnam rules of actually aiming before shooting and making each shot count.

There were 3 paintball virgins that I can recall. Two local mundane guests and Squeeze (IKV Melota). Squeeze played most games and ref'd a few.

Hot Dang!!! We actually got more than one battle in this time! We started with another "scavenger hunt" type scenario. Boxes were found and fought over. In the end, one box was not found. The losing team had found one box and it was the "empty". The winning team had four boxes with a massive points score.

Next was a series of brutal battles based upon an interesting premise. Each player starts with Zero rounds. There were containers placed around the playing area with varying numbers of rounds. (from 1 round to 5 rounds) Each player had to live long enough to find some rounds and load them before they could shoot.
The last event was a traditional "capture the flag". Ripar got in a barrel tap kill against a local guest. With time running out, Kallen did a kamikaze assault on the base.

After the day was over, bruises were compared and counted. Kat had the most bruises. Both Ripar and K'allen had a mark that looked as if it were an exit wound.

Ceremonies that night were brief and glorious. K'allen and Ripar presented awards and campaign pins. KatoQ received "Most Bruised". Justin Burge (local mundane) got MVP. Nivek and Angie were promoted to 2nd Lieutenant. K'allen did a great job considering the fact that he had had to kill off a bottle of Firewine prior to the Ceremonies, *then* dipped Bloodwine in the Bloodwine Ceremonies.

Post Ceremonies, there was the usual night time conversation and casual Batleth demonstrations. A rifle musket of the type used during the War of Northern Aggression was demonstrated. Compared to the usual Tournaments or Venom Wars, we all called it a night relatively early.

Sunday morning we all casually packed up and policed the area before leaving. "Goodbyes" were said, and we warped out.

Strength and Honor, Y'all

Cdr. Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer

Greetings warriors,

On October 13-15 the IKV Bayou Serpent hosted the 3rd annual Venom Wars paintball tournament at the home of CRQ commander K'Allen in Choudrant,LA. This turned out to be the best year so far in both the attendees and the fact that we actually got to play more than one game this year.This year we had 5 warriors from the IKV Melota,5 warriors from the IKV Bayou Serpent and 8 mundane guest,most of which played paintball.

Friday night was the usual arriving,unloading,and setting up camp.It was a nice surprise to see RotoQ and KatoQ pile out of Krell's war wagon for their first visit.Friday night got very cold and the coffee Saturday morning couldnt have come at a better time.

Saturday was the actual day of battle.With a late start due to having to drive 30 miles to fill everyones tanks,we started the first game which was re-used from last year. Several totes are hidden in the playing field with items inside that were stolen by the Ferengi.These items are of historical value and have different values assigned to them.Out of 6 containers one was not found leaving the Klingons with 4 containers and the humans with 1. Thanks to RotoQ for volunteering to help the humans on this game. Game 2 was BRUTAL! Everyone starts out with no ammo and has to collect their ammo from small ammo pods hidden in the field. Most of the fighting was at very close range and 3 warriors including myself bled for it. Game 3 was the classic capture the flag.The Klingons led by K'Allen touched the flag but neither flag was returned before time ran out. After the gaming was a spaghetti dinner cooked by IKV Bayou Serpent XO Torsha before the ceremonies began.The ceremonies looked really good with lots of uniformed officers.Awards were given for "most bruised" (KatoQ), "least bruised" (Shai,mundane guest), and an MVP style award to Justin Burge (mundane guest). Event pins were handed out as well as promotions for Ni'vek and Sito Emony to 2nd Lt for completion of their uniforms.After the ceremony was the usual bloodwine drinking,bonding,and headbutting that makes these events for much fun.

Sunday saw everyone packing up for the return trip to their respective ships or homes.We had a great time and I look forward to seeing everyone again at the IKV Melota bat'leth tournament next month!

Lt Cmdr Ri'Par vestai-bortaS
IKV Bayou Serpent commander


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