AER Venom Wars VII


AER: Venom Wars VII

The KAG ship IKV Melota participated in the 7th Annual event of the (KAG ship) IKV Bayou Serpent's Venom Wars.

Good news and bad news...

Bad news, the turnout was the record lowest. Bummer. Good news, having fewer combatants, there was more actual painting as there was less time consumed by the usual time consuming logistics of putting on a larger event. (marker problems, time to organize, folks being late, etc.)

Weather was a bit warm during the day and decent at night even with the rain.

Ripar already told about the events and outcomes. I shall not repeat it here.

The key combat item that just really caused a stir was that during a Chancellor Game, B'ehrmaq climbed a tree and sat up there suppressing the base defenders. None of us expected anybody to be that high in a tree so a lot of us of thought that he was behind the treeline lobbing as artillery.
The move left him in a barely defensible position for any ordinary game. However, in this game, the base defenders do not normally roam out leaving him for the most part, safe. B'ehrmaq really caused a lot of trouble for the base defenders.

Running low on air, we were forced back to the speedball course for some really interesting 2 on 2 rounds. I submit that that should become a regular event. Those had really interesting outcomes.
I'm not a great paintball player. If I manage to barrel tap somebody, then weird crap is going on.

The IKV Bayou Serpent followed the usual Cold Revenge Quadrant pattern for Ceremonies. As Ship's Brewer, the Ceremonies opened with Commander Ripar's "Bloodwine". Upon dipping, there was the Quadrant Commander K'allen's opening statement leading to the Klingon Prayer and the Death Howl. Awards were given though the campaign pins were issued after the Ceremonies to make things go more quickly and smoothly.

We fellowshipped in the rain and until about midnight given the early mornings required of too many of those present.

Real Life can screw up many plans. As best as RL permits, try to be at VW8 next year. It is and always has been worth the trip.

Strength and Honor, Salek the Bruised

Look at the paint in the beard!

The door to the porta-potty.


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