AER: Venom Wars IX, 2013

AER: Venom Wars IX, 2013

The Klingon Assault Group ships IKV Deliverance and IKV Melota warped in to attend the IKV Bayou Serpent's ninth installment of Venom Wars. It was darn nice to get all three of these ships together, again. This also means that we had a good klingon representation. IKV Deliverance sent two warriors. The IKV Melota had five attending. Oddly enough, it was the mundanes that were missing.

Due to economics, we lost the speedball field to a crop of soybeans. So, no speedball this year. At least the field is earning money.

Given the low mundane count, we were still a bit short for full teams. We just played the "Chancellor Game" all day. Two guards protect the unarmed (no disrupter) Chancellor. Guards may only be killed by head shots. Chancellor can only be killed in daqtag combat after the guards are dead. This allows a team of two to hold off a much larger force for quite a while.
Whoever kills the second guard takes on the Chancellor knife to knife. And, of all the lousy luck, I got to kill the Chancellor first round and thus became the Chancellor, a title which I held for three or four more iterations. I wanted to get out and shoot. But, I'm not throwing the knife fight to un-become the Chancellor.

Ripar held his trivia game. This is a pretty much expected event with all kinds of goodies, loot and prizes. As always, the questions were challenging and I don't think that they are coming from a book, either.

At dark thirty, K'allen led the Ceremonies after the opening of the Bloodwine. As Ship's Brewer, Ripar opened the Bloodwine and took the Last Dip. Awards and promotions were passed out. Oddly enough, I took something home this time. I managed to hold the Chancellorship for a while and got that award.

Captain Ripar made a very good bloodwine. He too was having the issue with the fermentation stopping early. I'm wondering if somebody is tampering with the yeast. At least his was not so sweet that it tastes wrong. No, that was a very good Bloodwine.

My pocket computer is dying. We normally source the Howl List from it. We had to quickly create a Dead Tree list for the Ceremonies. It did not want to turn on this morning.

We would love to have seen folks from the Red Baton and Lake Charles ships. Hopefully, they might make the IKV Melota Batleth Tournament later this year.

Strength and Honor,
Captain Salek, Zantai
Ship's Sore Feet


Venom Wars 9 AER:
On the Terran star-date of 4192013 My Vulcan friend and I departed for the planet Choudrant for the IKV Bayou Serpent's 10th Venom Wars paintball disruptor tournament. We warped into Serpent territory almost right at noon on Friday, pleasurably set up shelter and sustenance stations for the weekend, then relaxed and socialized with other attendees and they arrived. Around 10 or 11 am the next morning, many Klingon warriors, and one VERY brave federation soldier, embarked into the woods for the favored Chancellor game. After a day of chancellor games, it was time for relaxing and eating a WONDERFULLY tasty deer chili supper provided by the most gracious landowners, Candis Torres Carnahan and Allen Carnahan (aka Torsha and K'Allen). Soon it was time for ceremonie's and awards. A most gracious welcome by the IKV Bayou Serpent's commanding officer, the dipping of the blood wine BREWED by Captain Ri'Par of the IKV Bayou Serpent and the IXL Zeno Legions, the honored howl for the dead warriors that had passed on into Sto'Vo'Kor (David Christensen, Boston victims, West, Texas victims, and many others I cannot remember), The passing out of awards (Worst bruise (parmachi of Nivek), Longest running chancellor (Salek), tournament Da'Har master (Seth of the Federation)).

Then came my favorite part: Promotions. T'Paun promoted to Sgt Major for her contributions to keeping everyone informed of conventions and the like; Seth to Sgt Major for his bravery and determination in battle, and his expressed desire to be an official part of the Bayou Serpent, and Salek. Salek was promoted from Commander to Captain, a promotion in my personal opinion that was LONG overdue. We now have Captain Salek-zantai, Communications officer of the IKV Melota and fleet XO of the Cold Terror Fleet. QAPLA' Salek. It is well deserved.


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