Personal Log: Dragen's Wedding, 2009


Personal Log: Dragen's Wedding, 2009

My family had the opportunity to go to the wedding of a fellow klingon on Saturday, June13th (2009).

This was one of the few where I was a spectator instead of an participant of some sort. I'm used to shooting them (black/white) with my ancient Nikon EM.

Lt. Dragen and Samantha were married in a simple Terran type wedding. It was too Texas hot to do the full court dress thing so it was a little less formal for which we were grateful.

The colors were black and purple. The men wore black pants/shirts with purple boutineers. The Bridesmaids wore black and purple dresses. The Bride of course did not wear purple.

If you can imagine this, Commander Ripar being one of the Best Men, all gussied up Texas semi-formal. It was also funny as Grethor to watch him when the garter was tossed. He just stood there with his hands in his pockets and sort of ducked to avoid it as it went by.

The traditional bride and groom cakes each had trifoils upon them. Many klingons were present though we were all dressed in the Texan semi-formal. Lorri, a guest at the last IKV Melota Tournament sang for the couple and has a great voice.

There are almost always glitches at weddings. This wedding seemed to have avoided them. It went smoothly.

I salute the new couple, Dragen and Samantha.

Strength and Honor,
Commander Salek, Sutai
The Original Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota


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