AER Xmas Party, 2006


AER Xmas Party, 2006

The KAG ship, the IKV Melota, had our annual Christmas Party. Due to our fundraiser, the party must be rather early in the month, however, it is still a blast! It is a manner of getting geared up for the holiday fundraising period and a great reason to get together without the leather and latex.

Lot of great food and drink. RotokQ made his usual "brew" of wassail. (sp?) (non-alcoholic) Many folks supplied various foods and sodas. Irish Stew. Turkey (of course). Ham for those allergic to turkey such as myself. Casseroles. Cakes. Cookies. There was something for everyone.

Everybody participated in the usual Ferengi gift exchange. The limit was raised to $15 for this year and various gifts broke that, probably. The gifts themselves were very good. After years of passing around the same items, we are seeing some really original stuff come into play. Of the hand mades, Kbubbles brought a beautiful celtic knot that was sandblasted onto a curved glass. Squeeze brought a really neato bottle dressed up as and filled with Bloodwine. Other cool items included binoculars, a certain elvish dagger reputed to glow in the presence of yrch, a leather box containing a crystal goblet, and a tool set. Books, models, and ornaments were also in the game.

Thanks again to the hosts, RotokQ and KatokQ for putting up with us. We really filled up the living room again.

Good food. Good friends. A good time.

Strength and Honor,
Cdr. Salek, Sutai
Ship's Brewer, IKV Melota


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